Protect Our Planet by Choosing Organic Ingredients

Happy Earth Month! This month you will be challenged with different ways to “go green.” While we champion all efforts to introduce a new green practice into your daily life, we want to take a moment to point out all the good you do each and everyday. Because you use Sally B’s Skin Yummies products, you’re already doing a heap of good for the planet. Each time you make the choice to use one of our non-toxic, organic products, you are indirectly keeping chemicals from entering our delicate ecosystems…and a whole lot more!


  • We aren’t sending any toxic ingredients into our waterways. Everyday we passively introduce our personal care product ingredients into our environment by washing our hands, face, or body. We ensure that the Sally B’s products that you send down the drain do not have any chemical toxins that could harm aquatic life or their eco-systems. We use only high-quality natural and organic ingredients from the Earth that can safely be returned there.
  • We’re keeping plastic out of the water. Exfoliation beads are commonly found in exfoliating facial cleansers, body washes, and scrubs, but we avoid them at all costs. Research shows that one bottle of facial cleanser could contain as many as 300,000 plastic microbeads, which enter our waterways after they have been washed down the drain. Not only do other chemical toxins leach onto the lingering beads, but fish eat them, confusing them for fish eggs, thus allowing dangerous toxins to enter our food chain. Instead, we rely on the natural ingredients from our Fruit Acid Toner and B Green Mud Mask for facial exfoliation. Neither of these products pose a threat to our finned friends.
  • We also keep the environment safe from Tricolosan. A common ingredient in hand sanitizer and liquid hand soap, Tricolosan has been linked to hormone disruption and brain damage. Not only a risk to our personal health, it also poses a serious risk to our waterways since it is so frequently washed away. When exposed to sunlight in an aqueous environment, it is converted to dioxin, and when combined with chlorine (found in tap water), it forms chloroform, a known carcinogen. Read more about the dangers of Triclosan here. For an eco-friendly hand soap, try our Foaming Hand Soap!
  • We are sustainably focused. We have done our research about what ingredients are plentiful and sustainable. We avoid using ingredients derived from plants that are at risk or in danger or those that are harmed during the harvesting process. We are conscious of our delicate eco-system and choose ingredients that are rapidly renewable.
  • Our packaging in minimal…and recyclable. Our landfills are packed to the max, so instead of adding to the problem, we choose to use recyclable packaging to be part of the solution. We do not package our products in unnecessary boxes or outer packaging and instead use glass jars, BPA-free plastic containers, and aluminum lids that can all be recycled at the end of their usefulness. In addition, we use recycled materials when available. This includes printer paper, shipping boxes, packing material, and customer shopping bags. Read more about our planet-friendly packaging commitment.
  • You’re supporting Honeybees. The honeybee is directly responsible for pollinating 1/3 of all our fruits and veggies, and indirectly responsible for the production of nearly 70% of our entire food source. Needless to say, without the honeybee our farming practices and food creation would drastically change. Plus, your favorite Sally B’s products may not exist since it is the honeybee that makes our ingredients like beeswax, avocado oil, lavender, and camellia seed oil (among many others!) possible. We support the bees by sourcing our beeswax from responsible beekeepers that help to maintain the bee population. We also do our part in keeping toxins out of the environment, which could be a contributing factor to Colony Collapse Disorder. For more information on about the honeybee, click here.
  • We champion clean air. While we can’t remove the pollution from the air (oh how we wish we could!), we are doing our part by not using artificial fragrance in our products. Dermatology researchers rank fragrance as a top five allergen. As many as 3,000 chemicals, mostly synthetic, are used to manufacture an artificial fragrance. Use of these chemicals has been seen to cause topical reactions like contact dermatitis or itchy skin rashes. Worse they can exacerbate asthma and a range of problems in the immune, reproductive, and nervous systems.

These commitments to you and the planet have been at the core of Sally B’s Skin Yummies since the very beginning and we will continue to uphold the utmost respect for our environment as we continue to grow. It is our belief that to create a healthy, balanced life for us, we need to work in tandem with the environment. Our planet provides us our beneficial and enriching ingredients, so it is in our best interest to keep it healthy and thriving.

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