Fruit Acid Toner


Sally B’s multi-tasking Fruit Acid Toner not only cleanses skin, but also hydrates, tones, and exfoliates. Its all-natural alpha hydroxy acid complex removes dead skin cells that clog pores to keep your skin smooth and radiant.



    • Non-abrasive exfoliator to slough off dead skin cells
    • Does not contain any alcohol
    • Toning
    • Cleansing
    • Pore refining
    • Helps restore and balance skin's natural pH
  • After cleansing, use cotton pad to wipe toner over face. Follow with a moisturizer. Frequency of use will depend on skin type.

    Note: This product is very active and those with sensitive skin may need to dilute the product with water for the first few days of use.

  • COMMON NAME: Purified Water, Organic Witch Hazel, Organic Cucumber Extract, Organic Calendula Extract, Organic Chamomile, Organic Helichrysum, Organic Essential Oil of Lemongrass, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Apple Extract, Bilberry Extract, Lemon Peel Extract, Orange Peel Extract, Papaya Leaf Extract

  • 4 ounce bottle

  • How often should I use the Fruit Acid Toner?

    Frequency of use will depend upon skin type. While some customers can use it daily, others may find a once a week application is best for their skin. It may also be necessary to dilute the product with a little bit of water before applying to face.

    Is the Fruit Acid Toner drying?

    Alcohol-based toners can be very drying to the skin, but our Fruit Acid Toner was formulated to maintain moisture balance in the skin. However, since it is such an active product we do suggest following up use with a moisturizer until you can see how your skin reacts to the product. Some customers find they do not need additional moisturizer, while others do. 

    What is the shelf life of the Fruit Acid Toner?

    Once opened, the Toner will last about a month, which will accommodate customers who use the product on a regular (1-7 times a week) basis. If you are going to delay opening the product or not use the product as frequently, it is recommended to keep the Toner in the refrigerator to prolong its life. If kept in the refrigerator it will last about 6 months.


Customer Reviews
4.8 out of 5, based on 6 reviews
Allison from Salisbury, NC on Jun 07, 2016
I thoroughly enjoy this product! It helps with skin blemishes and makes my skin feel soft. I enjoy the tingling sensation. It has eased up after several uses and feel it is tolerable.
Michelle from NJ on Nov 19, 2015
Smells great and does not dry my skin. Love it.
Lynn from Michigan on Jan 17, 2015
I love this toner! I use it every night and my skin feels so clean and refreshed. I feel like my pores are smaller as well. My family says I look very youthful and I am 53! :)
Kara from Minnesota on Aug 04, 2014
This product is amazing! Do not be alarmed by the tingly sensation. After a few uses your skin will soon crave that feeling. The toner removes dirt, tightens your pores, and I even use it as a spot treatment on a cotton pad. I use almost every Sally B skin product and my glow and tone has never been better! My skin is clear for once in my life and I even get compliments (people ask me what my secret is) I will never go back to using chemicals on my face! Thank you Sally B for all you've done! Highly recommended to everyone! Definitely worth the investment.
Lynette from Terra Bella, Ca. on Jul 02, 2014
I started using Sally B products last year and love each and everyone of the products that I have tried. I will stay with these products never to return to the ones I used in the past. The toner leaves a great feeling of cleanliness and tingling feeling. However, it is a little strong so I dilute my cotton ball with water and it works great.
Kimberly Tyler from United States on Nov 25, 2012
This is the greatest feeling fresh out of the shower. Your pores are open and the toner can really do it's job.

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