Recycling: Let’s get serious

At Sally B’s Skin Yummies, we care about you, your family, and the planet. We have always strived to keep those things front and center. When it comes to our packaging, we have always sought to find items that are easy to recycle. Unfortunately, there are two items that make this hard for our customers: the packaging industry just isn’t there for the kind of items we use and recycling in many places has changed in the last couple of years. As we tell people often, recycling is like a Facebook relationship status…it’s complicated.

B Authentic


Sally B's Skin Yummies recycling with TerraCycle

It’s important for us to be authentic. We have really tried to make our commitment to providing not only great skincare but easy to recycle packaging a top priority. We recently learned that in many locations even though our containers have a recycling number on it, our packaging ends up in the landfill. Needless to say, it was very discouraging.
Here at Sally B’s, we decided to find a way to allow our customers to recycle regardless of what is happening in their local communities and we did. After lots of research, we have developed a program for our packaging that we hope you will find an authentic plan to make sure we honor our goal getting our packaging recycled.

B Transparent

We have decided to give our customers peace of mind. Starting now, we will accept all of our packaging back once you have used your product. We have partnered with TerraCycle, a nationally recognized company, that focuses on hard to recycle items. Terracycle provides what they term "Zero Waste Boxes" in various categories.  We have purchased a Beauty Products and Packaging Box for the showroom.
We’ve made it very simple. You ship your clean, empty packaging back to our Atlanta retail store.
Our address is:
Sally B’s Skin Yummies
Recycling Program
800 Miami Circle
Suite 110
Atlanta, GA 30324
Inside the package include your name and email address. We will email a $5 gift certificate as a thank you for helping us do our part to make sure our packaging gets recycled appropriately. You will get the $5 gift certificate every time you send our clean, empty packaging back. 
Although, many of you want to recycle everything please do not send anything to us that is not a Sally B’s container. After all, we are a skincare company, not a recycling company.

If you are in Atlanta, feel free to drop off at the store and you can use your gift certificate right there in the store if you want.
Thanks for supporting this effort!



  • ijmxbjkzkl

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Lisa

    Do you mean ALL packaging? All the bubble stuff it’s wrapped in? Even the lip product packaging? Love the idea.

  • Aileen Dupree

    Hi there
    When will your store in Atlanta reopen?

  • Cindy

    packaging includes? bottles & mailing boxes??

  • Sally B

    We are so happy you approve. We have really struggled to solve this. Your positive response tells us we made the right decision.


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