Natural Ways to Balance Oily Skin

Oily skin is a result of the body producing too much sebum, an oily substance that the body excretes to protect the skin. We have sebaceous glands all over our body (with the exception of the palms of our hands and the soles of our feet) and an over abundance of sebum can lead to blocked pores, acne, and other skin related issues.

When approaching any skin ailment, we always suggest seeing a doctor to determine if the cause is an underlying health issue.

But, in the meantime, there are some changes you can make to your lifestyle to improve the balance of your skin's oil. Being mindful of the products you use, your stress levels, and the diet you keep can regulate oil production over time.

Below find our products suggestions, tips, and more!

Products to Combat Acne Naturally

Tips to Balance Oily Skin

  1. Keep your face clean. Using a gentle cleanser twice a day (or after times of extreme sweating) is important to keep pores free of oil attracting dirt. Gently cleanse face with our Tamanu Luxury Facial Cleanser and warm water, then pat dry.
  2. Use a face mask. Green clay naturally absorbs dirt and oil from the skin, making our B Green Mud Mask the ideal product for someone with oily skin. It also contains Green Tea which is a polyphenol often relied on to reduce sebum secretion.
  3. Moisturize regularly. Having oily skin does not mean you have hydrated skin. Using a moisturizer will hydrated beyond the top layer, ensuring that skin has a healthy foundation. Those with oily skin might find more success with a fast absorbing serum versus cream moisturizer, like our Daytime or Nighttime Antioxidant Serum.
  4. Use oil blotting products. Excess oil can gently be removed with oil blotting papers. You can also use our Luxury Mineral Foundation or Get Even Finishing Powder that, two mineral-based powder makeups that naturally absorb oil.
  5. Be mindful of your diet. Avoid alcohol, which can cause enlarged oil glands, reduce dairy intake, which can cause inflammation, and chose low-sugar foods. Staying hydrated is also key to any healthy diet.
  6. Reduce stress. Stress can effect hormones that produce sebum. Exercise and yoga, as well as environmental stressors like cigarette smoke, can help keep your skin balanced.

Make a Mud Mask

Customize a B Green Mud Mask to create a mask to boost your skin health with these balancing ingredients:

  • Apple Cider VinegarCan balance skin's pH, while also lending antimicrobial properties to keep pores clean.
  • Lemon Lemons have astringent properties that can tighten pores and regulate oil production.
  • Honey Honey has antibacterial and antispectic properties to keep skin clean. It is also a natural humectant, which means it will keep skin moist, not oily.
  • Bananas Bananas contain Vitamin C, which is can regulate sebum production.

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