Organic Skin Care

Healthy Skin Is Healthy Skin

“Specially formulated for dry skin.”
“Removes dark spots.”
“Reduce signs of aging.”


The average woman uses 22 skin care and cosmetic products each day, many based on promises of special formulas that produce a specific result. Like fad diets that give temporary results, products made with artificial or chemical ingredients offer the same thing: a temporary mask without improving skin from deep within. 

When grocery shopping, none of us would choose food in the same way as many of us choose skin care products. Studies and experience have taught us that eating organically is the best decision for our overall health. When choosing foods, you pay attention to the nutrition facts and ingredient lists, choosing foods that fuel your healthy daily allowances and aren’t made with artificial ingredients. But are you as scrupulous with your skin care selections?



Why is it important to use organic skin care products?

When shopping for skin care, one of the first decisions you can make for the benefit of your skin and overall health is choosing organic skin care products. Organic products are made with ingredients from nature grown without the aid of chemical pesticides. When pesticides are used in the growing process, chemical residue can leach into the ingredient, making its way into your skin care product and your bloodstream. 

Think about a transdermal patch, a small patch that is applied directly to the skin to deliver a dose of medication to the bloodstream. Your skin allows the medication on these patches – most often aids to help people quit smoking, or birth control methods – to enter your skin and alter your body’s functions. There is no special delivery system in these patches...except for your skin of course. The ingredients in your skin care products are no different; when you massage lotion on your skin, where does it disappear? The ingredients are absorbed by the skin and into the bloodstream.



Choosing organic skin care products takes an extra step

While choosing organic skin care ingredients may take a bit more research and due diligence, your health is worth it. Here are 5 reasons why it is worth searching out organic and plant-based skin care products:

  1. Because you want to put only the healthiest, safest ingredients on your face and body. In the United States, there are few safety regulations for skin care products. These products can play host to a number of chemical ingredients that are skin and health irritants: parabens, carcinogens, and allergens. There are currently 12,500 ingredients used in skincare products, but the United States has tested only 11% and banned only 8. The European Union, however, has banned 1,100 ingredients, labeling them as hazardous chemicals. Choosing products made with non-toxic and organic ingredients helps to keep your skin and body performing at their very best.
  2. You will notice a difference in the tone and texture of your skin. You might have read stories about beauty icons from centuries ago – Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Guinevere – who relied on plant-based ingredients for their beauty; we’re finding out there is plenty of truth in those legends. Taking beauty practices back to basics has proven that our skin craves the gentle and nourishing benefits of organic, plant-based ingredients. While you may be skeptical now, making the switch will have a big impact on your skin’s appearance and health.
  3. You are preserving the planet’s health and making it a bit more beautiful, too. Purchasing an organic product potentially removes a chemical-laden product from being used. This prevents toxic ingredients from being washed down the drain and disrupting our delicate ecosystems. Without government regulations on skin care ingredients, the responsibility of keeping chemicals out of nature must be taken by skin care manufacturers and consumers. Be sure to look for companies who source their ingredients from renewable resources that are sourced ethically and responsibly. 
  4. Organic products work. For too long, “organic” translated to “granola.” There was a general misconception that organic products underperformed compared to products made with chemical and artificial ingredients. Over the years, however, we have found sources for beneficial organic and plant-based ingredients that are healthy and effective. In fact, we hear every day from customers who are amazed at the effectiveness of our serums or moisturizers. It is why we do what we do each and every day – so that we can share our excitement and successes with everyone around the world.
  5. Your Health is Worth It. We all have a health journey. Whether yours involves cancer, skin ailments like eczema, or the desire to lose weight, we have found that eliminating certain chemicals in personal care products can alleviate symptoms. Conscious skin care choices, made in tandem with a healthy lifestyle and diet, can even have preventative effects for some health issues. We have found that feeding both your body and your skin is important when considering your health and well-being.

While all Sally B's products are made with the highest percentage of organic ingredients possible, here are our favorite organic skin care recommendations to get you started on your healthy skin care journey.