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FOX MEDICAL TEAM: Skin Care Gifts:

ATLANTA - If you're like me, you probably haven't even had time to start buying Christmas presents. So this year, I'm doing a little shopping around for you!

I found some skin care stocking stuffers that are all natural, many of them organic. They're all made in Georgia by some small companies creating products the old-fashioned way.

"Most products nowadays are made with machines, and I'm here with my little invisible elves doing it all here, you know?" said HollyBeth Anderson, creator of HollyBeth's Natural Luxury.

The skin care products HollyBeth Anderson cooks up in her Midtown loft are all natural, and all are handmade.

"They're all my recipes, or my mother's. I think the fact that it's handmade, and personal, you're not going to find that in a lot of places," said Anderson.

For a body scrub, HollyBeth mixes old-school Southern grits and cornmeal with tupelo honey, produced in Georgia. The smell of this stuff is intoxicating. And every product, from HollyBeth's eye cream to her orange chocolate shea butter is made with organic essential oils, like rose oil.

"Women love it because it just sinks into your skin," said Anderson.

HollyBeth is part of a small group of Georgia skin care companies creating products without artificial additives, preservatives, or ingredients with names too complicated to pronounce.

Their goal? Keep it simple, and natural.

"I mean I grew up in north Georgia where you grow what you eat, and that's what I'm doing now. And I'm using all these organic ingredients to make something people enjoy and like, that actually works!"

HollyBeth offers a rose and geranium facial moisturizer, hair and body silk, and geranium body wash, believe it or not, is a hit with men.

Or you can try a sampler of her five most popular products.

"You get a rose geranium moisturizer, honey grits scrub, lavender hand cream."

A few blocks away, Sally B's Skin Yummies offers dozens of handmade, all-natural stocking stuffers -- from Sally B's Healing Hand butter made with chamomile and neroli to lemongrass foaming hand soap. There's even a lip gloss with 95 percent organic ingredients.

Raise the Bar soap offers everything from cool peppermint soap to give you a pick-me-up to a Mutt Bar, to make your dog smell like lavender and eucalyptus

And, nature-based "Dirty Beauty" has created a fresh body butter with cocoa butter and shea butter, and a face and body balm with extra virgin olive oil.

They're gifts you won't find at the mall, or a big box store. They are homegrown, Georgia-made and so good you could almost eat them.

HollyBeth’s skincare products are sold at Whole Foods Market and at her website, . She is offering a 20 percent discount through the holidays to FOX 5 viewers with the code HOLIDAY2011.

Sally B's is offering a 5 percent discount for viewers. The code is FOX5. You can find Sally B Natural Skincare products at .

Raise the Bar Soaps are available at .

And if you’re interested in the face and body balm or other Dirty Beauty products, go to

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