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Today’s Soul Sunday features Sally Larsen, Owner/Creator of Sally B’s Skin Yummies, sharing some inspirational thoughts to wrap up your week on a positive note!

I was asked over the holidays about how the biz was going.  I answered as I usually do.

“It was a great year. More people are looking for clean, non-toxic and organic products that actually work and that’s what we provide.”

Often, these discussions lead to my role in the company and how it feels to be the owner of a cosmetic company. My usual reply is that it’s challenging. Many people working in this industry are gorgeous and photogenic. They are styled. To me, many look manicured and flawless in front of the camera. That is just not me. I don't go to extremes to look good. I dress more for comfort than for anything else, and I don't think that my “smile lines," also known as wrinkles, are necessarily a bad thing.  Hey, as my Dad used to say: It beats the alternative.

I am not fishing for an argument when these discussions come up. Many times I end up regretting that I replied in that way because sure enough, the comeback is something about my looks like, “Oh but you’re beautiful!” or they express how great it is that I’m real and that I’m inspiring. And back to looks is usually where it goes...I kick myself often that I even brought it up.

I know all too well that looks have nothing to do with how “beautiful” we are or how much we want to take care of ourselves.  Really, over the past few years, doing what I feel is my call to do, I have met many women from very different walks of life, sizes, colors, and beliefs, and all of them were beautiful.  I've said more than once that working in this healthy space attracts wonderful, beautiful people. There is a special type that cares deeply about not only what they expose themselves and their families too but also seeks to improve the world by eliminating toxins from their daily lives and our planet. Beauty emanates from all of them.

Even so, one of my resolutions is to focus on feeling beautiful, whatever this means ~ beauty from the inside out if you will.  First of all, beauty is a broad term that goes way beyond appearance. We all have our own look and our own quest to be healthy in whatever way we deem most effective.  I do have an additional goal which is to help women on their holistic journeys and to do it in a safe, non-toxic manner. Still, I will strive to pay more attention to my own interpretation of beauty and how I can make a difference in doing so.

Lastly, I just want to say that I do think you are beautiful and that I feel very privileged to work for you every day.  Look in that mirror and believe it!

Sally B

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