Your Self-Love Routine

February 7, 2022

Your Self-Love Routine

As Valentine’s Day approaches, love is in the air. It’s on the cards and balloons. It’s etched onto sugar hearts and plastered over every commercial we see. We’re told from a very young age that we show our love to others through flowers or candies or jewelry or gifts.

But the older I get, the less impressed I am with a box of chocolates; if you want to show me you love me, how about putting the dirty clothes in the hamper? Maybe take the trash out when it’s full?

Love Notes To Ourselves

The truest signs of love can’t be unwrapped. They’re the little, everyday decisions that we make to do what’s best for others and the decisions others make to do what’s best for us. That applies to how we love ourselves as well: self-love is shown much more in my decision to regularly exercise than it is in the decision to buy myself that new jacket.

There are many choices that we can make and actions that we can take to choose to love ourselves better. Consider them “Valentine’s Resolutions,” love notes to ourselves that show our commitment to treating ourselves the best we can.

Here are a few:

Use Your Time Intentionally.
If this blog was written in 2019, this probably would’ve said “make time for yourself.” But in the age of working from home, more time for yourself may be the last thing you need or the thing you need the most. So examine your situation: if you find that you’re spending too much time by yourself, find times and opportunities to spend time with others (in ways you feel safe); if you find that you’re constantly around others (partners, roommates, kids, coworkers, students) then make time for yourself. Figure out where your deficit is, and start making deposits.

No, your social timeline doesn’t count. Blogs don’t count. Read a book! It could be fiction or nonfiction (I generally rotate between the two). If you read a book in the past that really moved you, read it again!

Build Routines Into Your Schedule.
Anyone remember the era before smartphones and virtual meetings, streaming services and food delivery, when it seemed like every day was scheduled weeks ahead of time? Now we can watch and eat what we want whenever we wish. We can make plans on the fly. As great as all of these innovations may be, perhaps it’s time to add some structure to your schedule: Plan a weekly game night with family or friends, a monthly coffee appointment with a mentor, and create some daily routines to take care of yourself (we’re preferential to skin-care routines!)

Above all, be intentional about committing to loving yourself! Just like buying a gift for someone you love, take stock of what you have and where there’s a deficit, then make deliberate steps towards getting yourself exactly what you need.

Your Self-Love Routine is Waiting.

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