Healing Hand Butter Story

Healing Hand Butter Story

I created Healing Hand Butter because we all need a good hand butter. My grandmother, Nana, was an incredible gardener and had a beautiful garden. My sister, Elizabeth (Nana’s namesake), inherited that gene and also has a beautiful garden. They both suffered with gardener's hands and that’s what created the spark for this product.

What makes it extra special is Kokum Butter, which is a healing butter from India.

Kokum Butter is an interesting material to work with because the name would make you think it is soft, but in its raw state, it is hard as a piece of wood. We had a huge learning curve but when we were successful, it became a creamy luxurious butter. It has healing properties unlike any other hand product I’ve ever used before. Healing Hand Butter is great for everyone, not just gardeners. Our hands work hard and they need a little tender loving care.


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