FAQ: Loyalty Programs

How do your loyalty programs work?

So glad you asked!  First meet our Rewards Program. It accrues points based on your orders that you can redeem for Discount codes worth up to $20.  It doesn’t take long to accrue enough points to get a nice deal either.  Just 750 points will give you a discount code worth $20.  This is a nice discount for any product but especially products whose prices are under $100.  Keep an eye on your rewards account.  And take advantage when we have double or triple rewards points awarded.  Extra points are given when you share on Social Medial.  Also make sure you register your birthday since you get extra points every year in addition to cake.  😉

 Can you give more detail on Subscriptions?

The Subscription option allows you to schedule regular deliveries of products.  When you choose this option, you get a 25% discount for the life of the subscription.  No need for a special code. You will find that each product has the option to subscribe or make a one time purchase.  It should be noted here that a discount code will not work on top of the discount that you are already receiving.  Schedule and get regular deliveries of your favorites.  Should you need a product sooner or wish to reschedule for any reason, go to your account and click on the order.  You will see a link to your subscription.  This will take you to all of your subscriptions and you can reschedule. Be sure to look at the top of the page at the various tabs to find exactly what you need. 


What is the difference between Gift Cards & Discount Codes?

Discount codes are given in the rewards program but also, occasionally we will have some sort of promotion.  It’s pretty straightforward but we should note here that only one discount code can be used in an order.

Gift Cards are a form of payment.  You can use multiple gift cards on a purchase.  And you can use a Gift Card as a form of payment even when you have already received a discount using a code.  So check your emails and see the gift cards in your name.  

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