7 Sacred Secrets of Home Beauty Facials

7 Sacred Secrets of Home Beauty Facials

One thing we know from these times is that we miss some of our self care rituals. Whether it’s having a regular facial from a licensed esthetician, a massage from a trained professional, or a simple manicure, we are taking over these luxuries ourselves.  And although we know things will return to the way they once were, necessity dictates that we still take care of ourselves. We want to emerge from this pandemic looking better than ever!
Our Alison has written about how we can bring in some ancient rituals and is sharing some sacred secrets about how to give yourself your own facial.

7 Sacred Secrets for Facials

1. Do it yourself

Sacred Secret number one is that the experience of a do it yourself (DIY) facial is unlike any other when it is done using effective, beneficial and naturally derived products. From keeping your skin healthy to protecting your skin from the side effects of unsightly irritations caused by wearing a mask a weekly facial focused on correction and boosting your skin health is highly recommended by the experts. This can be accomplished by taking more time with your favorite daily products and allowing them the time to seep into the skin while you soak in the tub or your favorite chair. Think mask: our B Green Mud Mask has many redeeming qualities from calming your skin, to tightening and when coupled with ingredients like those found in Citrine Complete Botanical Treatment, the results are prolonged and you will be longing for your next chance to revive.
Mix our B Green Mud Mask with your choice of beneficial ingredients.  We love honey, avocado, and when in season…Mango. But you can mix it also with yogurt or other items from your own refrigerator. Once blended into a tablespoon of our mask..apply gently to face and leave on for 20-30 minutes.
Wash off gently with our Tamanu Luxury Cleanser. Finish with Citrine Complete or one of our great antioxidant serums.
See Sacred Secret #6 for more tips on massaging techniques to enhance your self care routine.

2. Ancient wisdom

The second sacred secret is found in the value of their history. Although the term DIY is new, facials of ancient times have become all the rage while we await the reopening of facial spas. People are taking their skincare into their own hands. The elegant and therapeutic experience of aesthetics originated long ago during the age of Cleopatra. Cleopatra’s skin, it is told, was bathed daily in the ancient remedy of black cumin seed oil, which is also in our Intensive Eye Repair, and our Day and Night Antioxidant Serums and Citrine Complete. Skin tightening maintained the ability for the skin to retain necessary moisture taken away in the desert sun and dry climate. Through the centuries, they bathed in healing baths with flowers in incense infused rooms to lull the senses and there they discovered deep cleaning of both the pores of the face as well as the human spirit. Soothing all the senses resulted in holistic healing.
We highly recommend a warm bath with flowers, your choice of essential oils, and even some Dead Sea and/or Epsom salts for additional benefits and relaxation.

3. Products and practice

The third of our seven sacred secrets is that facials that incorporate the right balance of product and practice have been known to help control and clear up acne. The outcomes are strongly influenced by the power of systematic regimes designed specifically to address the components of each individual case. Cleansing the skin with gentle anti-bacterial, oil reducers that also release dead skin cells and calm the skin inflammation with effective cleansing potions (Tamanu Luxury Facial Cleanser, B Green Mud Mask and B Quenched Facial Oil), sanitizing the skin to eliminate the p. acnes bacteria that grow naturally on skin and in the hair follicle (pore) that is prone to acne.

4. Anti-aging

If you are looking for the fourth sacred secret, you will find it in how facials minimize and can help correct or control signs of aging skin. Facials know no boundaries on what skin type they are treating. Not only the skin benefits but the psyche is healed knowing that the facial holds positive and bright outcomes. This positivity also shows up on your face and in your personal countenance. It is the glow you see in a bride or new mother that engenders comments about how healthy, refreshed, and beautiful you look. And if you are a guy, you give the appearance of being healthy, and strong, having fresh, clean skin that says you know how to care about its well-being.

5. Hydration

Number five of our sacred secrets of DIY facials is the moisturizing benefit. We used to call it moisturizing but, now we know that the true goal for skin to be healthy is hydration. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid and other natural humectants found in nature are the premier ingredients that work to help the skin act younger starting with its capability of holding water in the cells. Think of the infusion of water straight to the cells that need it most. That drink of water will quench and plump and smooth the skin. Follow your cleansing and mask routine with a pump or two of our oil-free Peptide Booster Serum. During hot summer months try a spritz of our refreshing B Cool Misting Spray.

6. Massage

Holding the sixth space in the 7 sacred secrets of DIY facials is our own face. Its shape changes over time and as we all know too well so does the structure of our skin. Facials have been found to help the skin's structure maintain a youthful countenance. The benefits of massage are widely noted as a form of exercise for maintenance of muscles and blood flow. Here’s a simple how-to: gently massage for 2-3 minutes with a pliable easy sliding product like our Eco Body Lotion or B Soothed (don’t worry- they are safe and comforting for dry skin). Massage in small circular motions up and out, follow with some small tap-tap-tapping with your fingertips to stimulate surface blood vessels. End with long strokes with flat fingers starting at your neck and flowing up and along your jawline up the cheeks and horizontally across the forehead. Follow this pattern three to five times but don't put yourself to sleep. Facial massage manipulations of the finest sort stimulate cell turnover and blood circulation and are all found in the benefits of DIY facials.

7. Consistency

And our Seventh Sacred Secret is no secret at all…brief yet specifically appointed facials are a necessary part of our routine. More deeply directed DIY facials can be as often as once or twice a week or recommended just once a month. While our daily regime of cleansing, toning and moisturizing should occur at least twice a day. AM and PM is recommended for most. Special conditions like workouts or gardening or long days in the sun encourage additional attention. The most important part of this secret is this…always follow a routine with the right products and practices for your skin.

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