SKIN TIP: Wash Your Face Twice A Day

Washing your face is one of the most important things you can do for your skin. Using the right cleanser will wash away dirt and bacteria that can make skin oily, clog pores, and, in some cases, contribute to acne. Because our face is is exposed to the elements during the day, we recommend washing it at the end of the day, before you go to bed. And then, when you wake up, we recommend washing it again. While you sleep your face is in contact with grime that may be on your pillow or sheets and often times you sweat while you snooze.

Our only exception to this rule is to also wash your after bouts of excess sweating, like after a workout.

Want to know more about the importance of washing your face and choosing the right cleanser? Click here to read more tips and advice from Sally B's Skin Yummies:



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