10 Bad Skin Habits To Avoid

The journey to clear skin is a long road of products, advice, routines, and more advice. Along the way we weed out the products that don't work, find products we can't live with out, and pick up some bad skincare habits. Last week we discussed ten things you can do to benefit your skin health, and today we bring you ten bad skin habits to avoid.

    1. Do not your touch your face with dirty hands. When you touch your face, whatever is on your hands transfers to your skin. Your hardworking hands come into contact with dirt, grime, and a whole lot of other unsavory stuff, so ensure that you wash your hands often and minimize their contact with your face. The same advice applies to your cell phone that you hold up to your face. Make sure you clean it regularly.

    2. Do not pick at pimples or other skin imperfections. You have probably heard that popping your pimples is a fast-track solution to clearer skin, but that couldn’t be further from truth. The ooey stuff that comes out of pimples is bacteria and oil, so when you do pick at them you do one of two things: push the goo further into the infected pore, or allow it to disperse into other pores, ultimately causing more pimples. If you have a problem pimple that needs to go, visit a dermatologist or esthetician who have been trained to remove them safely.

    3. Do not leave makeup on at night. Makeup accumulation can seriously clog pores, which, over time, can lead to acne. Worse, leaving your makeup on over night does not allow your skin to repair itself. Your skin endures a lot of oxidative stress throughout the day and the resulting free radicals will do damage if not neutralized. So, get rid of your makeup and layer on the antioxidant-rich products to keep skin cells happy and healthy. Learn more about the skin care benefits of antioxidants.

    4. Do not exfoliate with harsh ingredients. Unlike the calluses and rough spots on your feet that require tough treatments like pumice stones or scrubs, your face requires a gentler approach. Avoid products that contain aggravating ingredients like sugar, salt, or ground apricot pits, which can cause torn capillaries, irritation, and can lead to enlarged pore size.  Instead, consider using a toner made with alpha hydroxy acids, like our Fruit Acid Toner.

    5. Do not use toxic hair products. Chances are that your hair spends part of its day framing your face. Whatever you spray or rub on your locks can very easily transfer to your skin.

    6. Do Not Rub Your Eyes. When you’re fatigued you can’t help but to rub your eyes. However, skin underneath and around your eye is very sensitive. It also does not produce oil. So when you rub, you stretch that skin, which can cause fine lines to form.

    7. Do Not Forget To Clean Your Makeup Brushes. Makeup, especially powder makeup, can quickly accumulate in your brush. Letting it linger too long can cause bacteria to form. Make it a regular habit to clean your brush using warm water and a drop of gentle, non-toxic shampoo. You will be amazed at the amount of makeup that you rinse our and how long your brush will last!

    8. Do not pack your diet with too much sugar. Sugar attaches itself to collagen in the skin causing it to become tough and inflexible. With poor elasticity, skin is unable to bounce back into place, paving the way for wrinkles and fine lines. Sugar also creates inflammation in our bodies that can manifest into rosacea, acne, rashes, and increased pore size. Read more about how sugar can affect your skin.

    9. Do not avoid oils. There is a common misconception that facial products made with oils will clog pores, make skin oilier, or irritate sensitive skin. We debunked the oil myth and encourage everyone to incorporate enriching oils like coconut, argan, jojaba, and tamanu oils into their skin care regime. Read more about the skin care benefits of oils here.

    10. Do Not Use Products With Toxic Ingredients. Chemical ingredients like the ones that make up artificial fragrance, or mineral oil, parabens, bismuth oxychloride, and propylene glycol can affect your skin appearance and your health in a myriad of ways. Be proactive in the fight against the signs of aging by using products that include organic and natural ingredients that are nourishing, effective, and beautifying.

While there are other skin care no-nos, these are some of the biggies that are easy to avoid. With thoughtfulness, commitment, and persistence you can break these bad skincare habits and start creating good skin habits that will keep your skin looking and feeling beautiful.






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