February Flash Sale

We want to fill your makeup bag with as many skin-enriching and beneficial products as possible, so this month we’re test-driving a new way for you to discover Sally B’s:

Introducing, Flash Sale February! Each week we will have a flash sale or promo on a product, which we will announce to our inner circle on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The sale could be $5, 50% off, or two-for-one and run for 3-hours or one-day. Be the first to know* by connecting with us!
Not on social media? You can look for the pink circle sale notification on a product listing on our website, like this one here:

We're excited about this new offering, and you never know when you'll see a sale pop up! We hope that this gives you the opportunity to try a new product, stock up on your favorites, or buy a gift for someone special!

*Make sure you never miss a Facebook update from Sally B’s Skin Yummies! Opt in to “get notifications” and our flash sales will always pop up in your news feed. Here's how: on our Facebook page, hover over the “liked” button in the cover photo and choose “get notification” from the drop down menu that will appear. If there is a check mark next to "get notifications," you're all set!



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