Love Yourself This Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is all about the love, and who better to show some love to than yourself? Whether it is work, school, kids, long commutes, or dog walks filling up your daily schedule, it is often difficult to find the time to take care of you. For most of us, it is easy to put off “me time” until a holiday or long weekend when we can take time off, guilt-free. But this year, instead of waiting until February 14th to start relaxing, why not start pampering yourself now so you will be primed and ready to celebrate and enjoy Valentine’s Day to its fullest.

  • Get Your Beauty Sleep. In order to feel our very best we must get some good solid shuteye. It might be hard to turn off your brain at the end of the night, but make a conscious effort to turn off the TV, cell phone, and any other techy gadget about 30 minutes before your intended bedtime. Instead, take a relaxing bath, read a “for fun” book, or chat with your roommate, husband, or kids. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it will be to drift off to a great night’s sleep.

  • Create Your Own Spa Night. Baby-soft skin is just what Cupid ordered for Valentine’s Day, so use our Sugar Scrub to exfoliate hands, feet, legs, and arms. Create a mud mask mixing our B Green Mud Mask and honey, a natural exfoliator. Then, follow up with moisture rich, skin softening products like our Eco Body Lotion, Carrot Facial Dream Cream, and Healing Hand Butter.
  • Do Your Nails. It’s easy to run to the salon, but if you’re not using an organic salon you run the risk of exposing your skin to drying and toxic chemicals. Ever been invited to dip your hand in wax to “moisturize” your skin? Beware. That wax is full of paraffin…a petroleum byproduct. Instead invite your girlfriends over and do your nails together. Sugar Scrub your hands, moisturize your cuticles with our Natural Buff Cuticle Bar, and paint your nails with a non-toxic paint like those from Butter London. Top off your manicure with a hand massage using our Healing Hand Butter.
  • Mind Your Diet. To help keep your skin looking its best, increase your water intake and mind your diet. Tell your Valentine to look outside the candy box and leave the sweets at the store (we’d much prefer jewelry anyway). Avoiding sugar and loading up on leafy greens and antioxidants instead can help clear up facial skin impurities, as well as keep you feeling great. And while you’re feeding your skin from the inside, you can give it an extra boost on the outside with our Antioxidant Skin Boost. Its antioxidant power helps to give skin an extra healthy glow.
  • Relax. Take a yoga class, meditate, go for a run, or just turn your phone off for 15 minutes. Taking regular, short breaks from the nuances of daily life can make a big difference in your overall health and beauty. If you’re having trouble relaxing, try spritzing yourself or your room with our B at Peace Eco Spray. The blend of essentials oils was designed to help you de-stress.

We understand that it’s hard to take a break from it all, but you deserve to feel your best. And when you feel your best, you do your best. Take this Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to love yourself, so you can love others!

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