Organic Skin Care

    For head to toe goodness, many people are switching to organic skin care, famed for its natural, non-toxic products. Using a blend of nourishing ingredients, organic skincare and beauty is all about using products that won’t harm your skin while still producing the effective results you want, whether that’s anti-aging benefits, glowing skin, or reduced redness.

    At Sally B’s Skin Yummies, we’re dedicated to creating cruelty-free, non-toxic skincare collections for every skin type.

    What Are Organic Products for the Skin?

    When finding the right products to use on your skin, choosing organic collections is the right decision. Organic skincare products are those which have been made with ingredients grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides, which can work their way into the products you use, as well as the environment. It’s the cleaner, greener choice for skincare.

    The actual products will only include natural ingredients such as botanicals and oils, which are much kinder to the skin than the harsher synthetics added to many others. In the past, some consumers worried that organic products wouldn’t be as effective at producing the desired results, but high-quality offerings from brands such as Sally B’s Skin Yummies has changed that.

    Benefits of Non-Toxic Moisturizers, Serums,& Lotions

    When switching to non-toxic skincare regimes, many people notice the difference thanks to the beneficial ingredients in the products, including Vitamin C, green tea, and Argan Oil.These can be present in a wide range of products, from facial serums and moisturizers to body lotions.

    Benefits of organic products include:

    • Use gentle, natural ingredients to produce the same (or better) results.
    • Help moisture stay on the skin for deeper penetration.
    • Get an enviable glow across your face and body.
    • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
    • Find products ideal for dry, sensitive, or aging skin.
    • Improve redness and reduce puffiness.
    • Enjoy a clear, smoother complexion.
    • Help the environment by choosing non-toxic products.
    • Calm and soothe irritated skin.
    • Relax with essential oils.

    Organic Skincare for the Face, Body, & Lips

    Organic skincare isn’t isolated to one type of product, meaning its benefits can be used for the face, lips, and body. At Sally B’s Skin Yummies, we produce an array of organic skincare products you’ll love.


    From moisturizers loaded with antioxidants to serums for daily use, there are plenty of organic products to leave your face with a healthy glow. We even offer organic cleaners and toners to remove makeup, dirt, and oil.


    Don’t forget your lips when it comes to organic beauty, including conditioning treatments full of moisture-rich properties to reduce dryness and chapping. We’ve even produced a line of products that combines the color of a lipstick with the qualities of soothing lip balms.


    Treat your body to an organic makeover with our collection of products. This includes healing hand butter, soothing body balms, and even natural perfume sprays for eco-friendly scents.

    If you’d love to try organic, non-toxic skin care, please shop now in Sally B’s online store.

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