Cleansers + Toners

    One of the most important things you can do to your skin and body is to keep it clean in a non-toxic way. Sally B’s never uses many of the harmful ingredients that other cleansers use. No Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). No artificial fragrances or colors. Just pure, effective ingredients from Mother Nature herself.
    These organic face toners and cleansers are specially formulated with some of the unique ingredients we have found to give your skincare routine the best treatment available. They effectively purify your skin and body without stripping away essential moisture. Your skin feels refreshed and revitalized with every use.

    Sally B’s organic face toners and cleansers with natural ingredients offer a synergistic approach to skincare, cleaning and nourishing your skin. With high quality ingredients and dedication to excellence, see your skin become even more radiant with every use.

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