The Fragrant Power of Essential Oils

For centuries, men and women have experimented with scents to change their perception to others. Traditionally, plants and flowers were used, but in more modern times, scent transformations have been made easy with the onslaught of scented shampoos, soaps, lotions, and perfumes. We can smell like fresh rain, an exotic garden, or even a mysterious blend that makes heads turn. However, while these scents might be manipulating others, what are they doing to you?

If you are buying the big name manufacturer shampoos, perfumes, or lotions, the scent is probably achieved through artificial fragrance. Just flip over to the ingredient label and look for “fragrance” or “parfum.” If you see either one of these ingredients, you’re exposing yourself (and everyone else who sniffs your scent) to over 3,000 chemicals that have been known to cause topical reactions like contact dermatitis or itchy skin rashes. Artificial fragrance can exacerbate asthma and cause a range of problems in the immune, reproductive, and nervous systems. Read more about the hidden dangers of artificial fragrance here.

But, as you’ve heard us talk about before, you can still achieve a sweet smell (not to mention a whole lot more) through the use of essential oils. More than just giving off an intoxicating smell, essential oils can offer you a variety of healing benefits. In fact, inhaling a specific essential oil can reduce stress, evoke a good night’s sleep, lift depression, or give you more energy to name just a few.

Used for thousands of years for medicinal, cosmetic, and healing purposes, an essential oil is an aromatic liquid derived from a plant. Each essential oil contains a different scent complex that activates the brain’s center of emotion and memory (aka limbic system) differently to evoke specific moods. Take for instance lavender, one of the more common essential oils. Its sweet, floral aroma is soothing and refreshing and can help the body adapt to stress and relax. Ylang Ylang, another essential oil, has a sweet, flowery fragrance and is widely used to release tension, anger, and irritability, making it a popular scent to evoke romance.

Additionally, essential oils can contain a number of medicinal properties to even help heal. Essential oil of ravensara not only helps to promote feelings of hope and joy, but also has antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, and expectorant properties that aid in soothing lung and throat infections. Essential oil of frankincense’s warm, balsamic aroma simulates and elevates the mind, while being a valuable ingredient in skin care products to combat aging and dry skin.

Up until now we have simply relied on certified organic essential oils* to scent our products. But recently we teamed up with a certified aromatherapist to create our  Eco Sprays. These sprays are blended into four life-affirming scents - B Well (health), B at Peace (peace), B your Best (success), B in Love (love) - and are designed to add a light scent to hair and body, or even freshen the scent of a room, fabrics, linens. We’re thrilled to share essential oils with you in this new way and give you an opportunity to find a scent that positively shifts your life.

Eco Sprays are now available online at and can be purchased for $18 each.


*All essential oils are not created equal. Searching out certified organic essential oils is important, since it is a plant-based ingredient. If a plant had been sprayed with pesticides or other chemical growing aids during the growing process, there is a good chance those chemicals could still be present in the essential oil finished product.





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