Common Sense Skin Care

With all the skin care products on the market today, finding the perfect skin care routine can sometimes be an overwhelming task. One of the most frequently asked questions we are asked is, “where do I start?” We suggest with taking it back to basics. Simply using common sense can be your ticket to clean, healthy skin.

No matter where you are on your skin care or health journey, here are several things to consider when you’re evaluating your daily skin care routine:

Would you eat the ingredients in your skin care? Harmful ingredients can enter your bloodstream through your skin just as they can by eating them. Would you eat lead, mineral oil, fragrance, or ingredients grown with pesticides? If you wouldn’t put them in your mouth, don’t put them on your body.

Wash your face twice a day. You brush your teeth twice a day, so why wouldn’t you wash your face, too? Between the sun, environment, sweat, and makeup, your face puts up with a lot each day. Washing it both morning and night with a gentle cleanser will take the stress off of skin, while ensuring that skin is free of blemish-causing dirt and bacteria.

Don’t use products you don’t need. Beauty ads and marketing claims may  have you thinking you need this product or that product, but you know what’s best for your skin. Don’t overload your skin with unnecessary products and focus on the products that can truly nourish and benefit your skin.

Don’t use old products. A last season eye shadow or lipstick might look like it’s okay to use, but if it’s been your makeup bag longer than a year it’s time to toss it. While most skin care products will have a preservative, they still have a shelf life. After time they can harbor bacteria that can easily transferred to your skin.

Know what is in your products. You know what you’re eating off your dinner plate, but do you know what is inside the product you trust to put all over your body? Does it have parabens, sulfates, or fragrance? Knowing what impact these products have on your health is important to not only you, but your family and those around you.

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to skin health, but we can all benefit from using common sense when shopping for skin care products. The same basic principles apply to us all: being mindful about using non-toxic products is a good foundation for clear, healthy skin.

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