Taking Back Unscented , 0 Comments

The skincare industry is full of ambiguous marketing terms that are starting to lose their meaning. Take “unscented” for instance.  While most of us would assume that unscented means that there is no fragrance added to the formula – essential oil, artificial fragrance, or otherwise – that is not always the case.

The unscented, odorless scent is popular among the beauty store shelves. Since it is known that the ingredients that make up “fragrance” can be irritating to your skin, eyes, and lungs, unscented products are typically the choice for those with sensitive skin. But just because it smells like nothing doesn’t mean there is not some harsh chemical ingredient lurking inside. That completely odorless scent that has become synonymous with unscented is typically the work of a chemical masking agent. Think about it. How do so many products, each with a different product formulation, all smell the same? And how, if a manufacturer is using 'only plant based ingredients,' can an unscented product have an undernote scent of chemicals? If you're like us and accustomed to plant based scents, a chemical scent is like the princess and the pea - you can smell it no matter what.

Today marks our quest in taking back the term "unscented." Unscented should always mean no fragrance added. No hidden chemical additives. Nothing. You as a consumer should be able to confidently buy an unscented product knowing that what you’re smelling is simply the combination of the ingredients used.

In celebration of this new initiative we launch a new product and recommit a promise to you. Our brand new Unscented Healing Hand Butter joins our Unscented Eco Body Lotion in our expanding Unscented Collection (keep an eye out for other Unscented products like Lip Yummies and other favorite products!). These products contain ingredients that all have very mild odors, so the product’s natural smell is in no need of any organic essential oil enhancements. When you see the term “unscented” on any of our products you can rest assured that what you smell is just the product and no added fragrance.

Of course we do love our essential oils and will continue to produce products containing the aromas that nature provides us.  But for the allergy prone, those who just want to wear their own scent, or those who for any reason have requested an unscented product...ENJOY!