SKIN TIP: Incorporate Peptides Into Your Skin Care Routine

Peptides are the buzz of the skin care world and for very good reason! As we age our natural ability to produce collagen starts to diminish and our skin starts to show fine lines and wrinkles. Peptides, however, help the body produce collagen, which we know keeps skin firm and elastic. These benefits of peptides for skin health inspired our oil-free Peptide Booster Serum, which is quickly becoming our best seller.

Not yet using peptides? You can incorporate peptides into your daily skin care routine very easily with our Peptide Booster Serum. You can use it as a stand alone moisturizer - just apply a thin layer over clean skin and let absorb into skin before continuing with your other products or makeup. Or you can use it as a "booster" and add a couple of drops to your favorite cream. This method returns the same results while cutting down on the time spent in front of the sink.

One of our most frequently asked questions is, "can I also add my Antioxidant Skin Boost?" Absolutely. Just make a little concoction with your cream, a scoop of Antioxidant Skin Boost, and a couple pumps of Peptide Booster Serum and apply!

Our Peptide Booster Serum is formulated to work with most skin types and is beneficial for skin of any age. No matter how you choose to apply it, we recommend making it a part our your daily skin care routine!

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