New Year's Resolution: B Healthy

There is no denying the connection of food and our skin health. We have seen how certain foods can take a toll on its appearance (we're looking at you, Sugar) and others can be beneficial for it. We invited Shannon Sliger, owner of Atlanta-based Dtox Juice, to share her perspective on nutrition, health, and well-being and discuss how you can easily make changes in your lifestyle. If dieting is a struggle for you and you can't remove items, strategically add items that are beneficial. Juice, is one easy, convenient, and tasty way to do just that.

What’s your resolution? Is it to lose weight? Is it to be a better daughter, son, or friend? Is it to quit smoking? Very often our resolutions are rooted in negativity. For instance, I’m so fat; I must lose weight. I’m a terrible son; I will call my mother every Sunday. I am weak for not being able to stop smoking.


I’m Shannon Sliger, a newly minted Ayurvedic wellness coach, ten-year veteran yoga teacher, author of the blog, founder, and owner of Dtox Juice. In yoga, we aim to put a more positive spin on our resolutions through a practice called sankalpa. It’s a Sanskrit word with kalpa meaning vow and san meaning heartfelt or whole. A sankalpa is a positive resolve with clear intentions and explicit stepping-stones envisioned to attain it. A sankalpa that I can help you set clear intentions for with visible stepping stones is to live a more healthful life. The ability to lose weight is rooted in changing your eating habits and lifestyle. To change the way a person has eaten for 30, 40 or 50 years is not an easy task. It does not happen overnight. Dealing with a person’s eating patterns are more ingrained and many times more controversial than religion and politics. It is what physically sustains us. Our bodies direct us to think about food at least 3 times a day.





Taking small steps on a daily basis is required to make a lifestyle change. At Dtox Juice, we don’t count calories. We count colors. We count superfoods. How many have you had today? You usually need more. Focus on eating an organic, colorful, plant based diet with healthy fats from nuts, seeds and avocados. Add superfoods to your diet in every meal. Make your food and drinks work for you to prevent disease and promote health and beauty.Healthy sankalpa means ridding the body of toxins such as unneeded medications (talk to your doctor before stopping medications.). Many people have food allergies or sensitivities that can be troublesome. A cleanse is a great way to clean the slate.

It takes 3 days to rid your body of sugar, caffeine and carb addiction. After a Dtox Box 3-day cleanse, an elimination diet can help you determine if cow’s milk is the culprit of your “seasonal allergies” or if bananas are a migraine trigger for you. Everyone’s body is different so it is crucial to do the work yourself. Keep a food journal to help connect the dots between foods and reactions.

A Dtox Liver Cleanse is a 7-day program that involves garlic and olive oil to rid the liver of mercury, certain food additives and excess estrogen. All organs of the body depend on the liver’s ability to effectively filter toxins. After a Dtox Liver Cleanse, weight loss becomes easier because the hormones become more balanced and other organs are firing on all cylinders. After 7-days of all you can eat alkaline foods, juice and smoothies your body craves these healthy foods.

Continuing on your healthy journey can be maintained with Dtox til Dinner 4 packs of juice or simply clean eating. Dtox Juice is committed to providing raw, vegan, gluten-free, all organic foods and drinks. Our goal is to make choosing healthy easy and convenient.

So take that negative resolution and make it positive with a clear path to success. As a former smoker, one of the things that I now know that appealed to me about smoking was the act of mindfully connecting to my breath. Taking a deep inhale in, holding for a second, and exhaling completely is a great way to relax. Drop the nicotine and the myriad of other toxins in a cigarette and take 5 minutes to fake smoke. The fluctuations of the mind slow as you slow your breath. If you can sit quietly in meditation, even better. Work towards 20 minutes a day. Mental toxins affect our health as much as physical toxins.

As for your relationship with your mother, I can’t help you there. But good luck! It’s worth the effort for sure. Best wishes for a healthy new year.

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