Handmade Skincare

Sally B’s Skin Yummies is a handmade skincare line that blends non-toxic ingredients into luxurious skin care and cosmetic products that are people and planet friendly. Developed by hand in Atlanta, Georgia using the highest quality organic, natural, and wild-crafted ingredients, all of Sally B’s products are nourishing, effective, and beneficial to the skin. Simply put, they are organic products that work.

Handmade By Sally Larsen

Sally B’s Skin Yummies is a labor of love, founded by Atlanta-native and self-confessed “product girl” Sally Larsen. A healthy, active, and conscious woman, Sally embarked upon her 30’s as a successful businesswoman, a mother of two young boys, and, like most 30-somethings, without too many cares in the world. But at the age of 37, doctors discovered a cancerous bone tumor growing out of her pelvis. After a year of operations, radiation, and plenty of stress while bedridden with two curly-haired toddlers at her side, Sally was cancer-free. However, her remission presented a surprising new challenge: a diagnosis of Lymphedema. During her cancer treatments the lymph nodes in her right leg were removed. This resulted in that area of her body unable to regulate fluid or filter out bacteria. A chronic condition, Sally would endure weight gain, infections, and a larger than normal leg. But through it all, there was a silver lining. She learned about inflammation and the negative impacts it can have on the entire body system, including the immune system.

This was the 1990s when there was little mainstream conversation about the benefits of an organic lifestyle. However, armed with first-hand knowledge of inflammation, she replaced processed foods with organic, healthy options. The results were inspiring, which led Sally to have another ah-ha moment. What about the products she was putting directly on her skin? What if she started feeding her skin with organic products?

Sally was on to something, but the organic personal care market was in its infancy and the products available were not effective. It was then that she let her entrepreneurial spirit take over and set out to transform her seasonal hobby of lotion making into her life’s calling. Under the guidance of a nutritionist and a chemist, Sally built a solid foundation of skin care principles and formulations. Then, armed with countless hours of ingredient and cosmetic research, Sally began creating products void of chemicals and toxins on her own. In 2005, armed with a raved-about Shea Butter Bar and a must-have Healing Hand Butter, she launched Sally B’s Skin Yummies.

Handmade Skincare That Is Hand Packaged Using Environmentally Friendly Packaging

We love to say that Sally B’s is good for people and the planet. As you know, we go on and on about how our non-toxic products and ingredients are good for you, but rarely do we talk about our environmental commitment.  Having an earth-friendly commitment goes hand in hand with a company like ours. Our earth gives us our ingredients, which are the cornerstone of the Sally B's line, so it is important for us to do everything in our power to keep it healthy and thriving.

Our company inherently does good through the use of non-toxic ingredients. We are not passively introducing toxins into our environment. Just think: every time you wash your hands, face, or take a shower, you are sending products down the drain and into our waterways. By using non-toxic products you’re ensuring that our rivers, streams, and wildlife are not being exposed to damaging toxins.

But in the areas where there are decisions to be made, we make the earth-friendly choice whenever possible, even if it does cost a little bit extra on our end. One area that we do not compromise our environmental integrity is product packaging.  Our landfills are packed to the max and we have plastic garbage patches floating in our oceans. We do not want to be a part of the problem, so we use packaging that can be recycled to be part of the solution.

First, we do not package our products in unnecessary boxes. We include all our product information on our product labels to eliminate the need for additional packaging, which is one less thing for you to throw away or recycle. Plus, we believe that you should have all the information about your products readily available to you. We use glass jars, BPA-free plastic containers (for those products used by wet, slippery hands), and aluminum lids, all of which can be recycled at the end of their usefulness. We also believe reusing containers whenever possible. Get creative!

As a small company, when it comes to product packaging we are limited to what is available. If you have noticed that our packaging changes from time to time, it is because we have found a new, better solution or found a new, recyclable option. Or you might have experienced a few dents in the aluminum lids. We call them causalities of the cause and we thank you for understanding.

We do everything in small batches – from ordering to mixing products – so you may continue to see tweaks to our packaging as the cosmetic packaging market expands. But rest assured, even if we do upgrade a bottle, tube, or sifter jar, we will still use the same non-toxic ingredients that you love inside. 

We thank you for recycling and supporting our mission to be as people and planet friendly as possible.


Handmade Skincare That Uses Beneficial, Organic Ingredients

When scanning an ingredient label it may be easy to quickly dismiss the words “camellia oleifera." With good reason, too. It is hard to pronounce, a bit science-y, and surrounded by other ingredients just as foreign sounding. Camellia oleifera (or in our case Organic Camellia oleifera), for example, is the INCI name (read more about INCI terminology here) for Camellia Seed Oil, a real ingredient that has an abundance of health and skin benefits making it very worthy of discovery.

Camellia Seed Oil first made a name for itself centuries ago in the southern provinces of China where it became the primary cooking oil for the region.  It is a clear oil that is derived from the seeds of the Camellia fruit. Its superb cooking qualities and ability to reduce cholesterol caught the attention of neighboring countries and Camellia Oil soon became known as the “olive oil of Asia.” Along with its many culinary accolades, women of this time revered the oil for its many skin care benefits and it is said to be the ancient beauty secret of the geisha. An interesting fact is that the plant used to produce Camellia Seed Oil is the same that is used to produce Green Tea.  Different parts of the plant are used but it’s not hard to see why this plant is held in such high regard.  Both Camellia Seed Oil and Green Tea are effective and valued ingredients in many of our products. 

When we discovered this ingredient and all of its antioxidant power we couldn’t wait to share it with you. We integrated it into our Carrot Facial Dream Cream, Tinted Moisturizer, and Intensive Eye Repair to help introduce it to your daily skin care regime. It fights free radicals, soothes stretch marks and scars, and helps restore the skin’s moisture balance.  At the same time, it has almost no odor and absorbs quickly into the skin. 

Other organic ingredients used in Sally B's Skin Yummies' products:

Organic Argan Oil: Said to be the rarest oil in the world, this translucent oil is extremely abundant in unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid, and Vitamin E. It is extremely hydrating, neutralizes free radicals to slow the aging process, and has natural sebum regulation properties to balance the skin’s oil production. 

Organic Gotu Kola: Gotu Kola is rich in amino acids, beta carotene, fatty acids, and phytochemicals., making it an excellent ingredient for the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, veins and stretch marks, as well as helping to prevent and treat the signs of aging. It inhibits scar formation and speeds up the healing process, meaning it is also excellent to treat and prevent blemishes and scars caused by acne.

Organic Pomegranate Seed Extract: Pomegranates are an ancient, medicinal fruits dating back to Persian times, though it has been said that they were first grown in the garden of Eden. The tart fruit was brought to Egypt in 1600 BC where it was revered as an important food, as well as a medicinal source, and served as a symbol for fertility and prosperity. Today, pomegranates continue to be consumed for their extreme health benefits. Rich in antioxidants (3x as many than red wine and green tea), Vitamin C, and Polyphenols.

Organic Calendula: Calendula is a plant-based ingredient, which comes from the marigold, one of the earliest cultivated flowers. Native to northern Mediterranean countries, the ancient Greeks were the first to use it as a dye for food and cosmetics, as well as a medicinal purposes. It was said that an infusion of Calendula was drunk to relieve tension and promote a restful night’s sleep. The Romans were noted for introducing this ingredient to the Europeans in the 12th century, and by the 14th century users of the plant were mistaking its rejuvenating properties for magic. In fact, some accounts report that if a person wore the petals around their neck that any words spoken to them would be kind and honest. Earning the title of “healing marigold,” this plant continues to be a popular annual plant in Europe, Western Asia, and the United States and its petals continue to become popular additions of skin care products. Rich in Flavonoids, which are plant-based antioxidants, and carotenoids, which are vitamin A-like compounds.

Discovery is an essential part of the Sally B’s philosophy. The reason behind our boutique operation and the practice of making artisan batches of product is discovery. We are continually researching and testing new, real ingredients and when we find one we love, we take measures to integrate it into a formulation or create a new product that showcases its best characteristics. Many large skin care and makeup manufacturers, on the other hand, get set in their ways with ingredients – real and manufactured. Once they land on a formulation that sells, there is often times no financial gain to tweak the formulation. An abundance of beneficial real ingredients are available – avocado oil, sea buckthorn oil, jojoba oil, and black cumin seed oil, to name a few – but it is rare to see large manufacturers embrace them. From time to time you may see one infiltrate an ingredient list, but there is a still a long road ahead before we see them clean up their entire formulation.

Consumers have become accustomed to turning a blind eye to ingredients, or at the very least, base their decisions on product marketing. Start making your own discoveries about ingredients and how they perform (you can check out our ingredients page or do your own research). If you believe in the results from these real ingredients, make a commitment to stick with them and keep exploring, keep discovering.