New Year, New View: Sally B's Skin Yummies Top 5

2020 New Year, New View Top 5

It's the dawn of a new decade! Hard to believe. Here at Sally B's Skin Yummies, we are excited for a new decade and a new view of what healthy, happy and at peace means. Of course our primary focus is skin care, but if you aren't in a good balanced place then your skin will show it. Whether it's not enough sleep, a diet that is less than optimal or stress, you have the ability to change! How cool is that? It might not be immediate but you can take that first step. 

New Year's Determinations

We aren't big on New Year's resolutions. They are long lists that inevitably are too optimistic. Instead around here at Sally B's Skin Yummies, we are focusing on what we call New Year's determinations. Instead of a list we pick one or two things and then focus on that until achievement. We give ourselves grace knowing that focusing on one thing means if you stumble then you get refocused. It's all about progress not perfection. The good news is progress is like a muscle. Exercise it enough and it will become so routine you will end up defaulting to it. Just like muscle memory.

We have posted a lot of inspiration on how to start the new year off right over the years. We decided to pick our top 5 list of our best advice for better, safer skin care:

  1. Tamanu Luxury Facial CleanserB Fit – The appearance and health of our skin is dependent on so many different factors. To name a few: the products we use, environment, hormones, diet, and exercise. Exercise? Absolutely. Not only is exercise a stress reducer, but sweating can help open up pores to expel dirt, grime, and other toxins that might be lingering. Read more >>
  2. Carrot Facial Dream CreamChange Is Good – As you work into your new routines, increased sweating from a new workout, additional sun from an outdoor running routine, or simply a change in the foods you eat – can change the texture of your skin or even cause blemishes. Which is why one task we at Sally B’s look forward to every year is cleaning out our makeup bags. It may not be a traditional endeavor, but it is a necessary one for our skin's health. Read more >>
  3. Tinted MoisturizerClean Beauty – It's important to know that when adding new products, you should do it gradually, even with non-toxic products. Anything new, including plant-based ingredients, can be a shock to your system if introduced all at once, especially when your body is busy adapting to this change and releasing accumulated toxins from your "old" lifestyle. Read more >>
  4. Swap out your products as you run out of them. When you are out of moisturizer, replace it with a healthy option. This will give you time to get used to new products while implementing a gradual change in your daily routine. Read more >>
  5. Antioxidant Skin BoostB Healthy – What we put in our body is just as important as what we put on it! There is no denying the connection of food and our skin care health. We have seen how certain foods can take a toll on its appearance (we're looking at you, Sugar) and others can be beneficial for it. Taking small steps on a daily basis is required to make a lifestyle change. Read More >>


Changing to a healthier lifestyle is one of the best long-term solutions you can make to your overall well being and for the sake of our planet. While the results of your non-toxic lifestyle might be gradual, you will start noticing that your skin looks healthier, you feel better, and you have more energy throughout the day. And what’s best, these changes not only help you, but those around you, too. As you reduce your toxic footprint, the others who share your air are exposed to fewer toxins, too. 

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