How do I create a natural skincare routine?

Creating a natural skincare routine

Our skin is our largest organ. Every part of our body has different needs based on its exposure to sun, heat, cold, wind, types of clothing and other elements like soaps and detergents. Our skin does a lot to protect us and we have to take care of it. Using products that don’t have harmful ingredients is one of the best ways to take care of our skin. For beautiful, glowing skin you’ll love, use natural, organic skincare products made with high quality ingredients.

Let’s start with the face because the products we use for our face are a bit different from the products we use for other parts of our body.

Natural skincare routine for the face

It’s important to create a routine for morning and evening. The routine should vary a little by season because our skin has different needs at different times of year. When we talk about “face” it really includes your face and neck. You should treat your neck with the same products. If your neck needs extra moisture, you can use Anywhere Balm, it is gentle and moisturizing.


1.  Wash your face

Use a gentle, natural face wash that does not have harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens. Our faces excrete oil at night and the oils can make your pores appear larger. It’s important to have a fresh start in the morning with a clean face. Our gentle and effective Tamanu Luxury Facial Cleanser is made with 95% organic ingredients and doesn’t have any harsh chemicals. It is great for normal, oily, mature and acne prone skin.

2. Use a moisturizer

Moisturizer is important all year but the seasons cause different needs for your skin. In summer we need lighter moisturizers than winter but we still need a moisturizer. In winter we need the most moisture. Your skin moisture needs will also depend on the humidity levels where you are.

We have several moisturizers to meet your needs for each season. All these products can be layer and blended to create different moisture levels depending on your needs. These are in order of lightest to heaviest moisture levels. Add a pump of B Quenched Facial Oil to Citrine Complete Botanical Treatment when you need a little extra moisture. Or add B Quenched to Carrot Facial Dream Cream to get the most moisture.

Moisturizers - Lightest to heaviest

Peptide Booster Serum
Daytime Antioxidant Serum
Nighttime Antioxidant Serum
Citrine Complete Botanical Treatment
B Quenched Facial Oil
Carrot Facial Dream Cream


1. Wash your face

Make sure to wash your face to remove makeup, pollution and any other residue from the day.

2. Tone your skin

Use toner after washing your face. This will help remove dead skin and give you a fresh base for your moisturizer. Our Fruit Acid Toner has alpha hydroxy acids that gently remove dead skin, giving you a natural glow.

3. Use a moisturizer and antioxidants

Your skin repairs itself and produces new collagen while you sleep. Use a nourishing moisturizer at night. Antioxidants help skin repair and neutralize free radicals that damage skin. You can add our powerful Antioxidant Skin Boost to any serum or moisturizer. We have many products that feature antioxidants that are great for nighttime repair. Try adding Antioxidant Skin Boost to our B Quenched Facial Oil with organic Black Cumin Seed Oil for extra antioxidant strength. B Quenched is also EWG VERIFIED. This dynamic combo is great for normal, oily, mature and acne prone skin. You can also use Intensive Eye Repair for the delicate skin around the eyes and any other face wrinkles that need attention.

4. Include face masks

You should use a face mask once a week for a little extra tender care to brighten skin and improve circulation. Mix up our EWG VERIFIED, B Green Mud Mask with honey, bananas, avocado or a little green smoothie. Have fun and try new combinations to see what works best with your skin.


Our bodies have different moisture needs at different times of year just like our faces. We also may need special attention depending on work, hobbies and skin conditions. Products should be used whenever needed. Also using them before bed allows them to be absorbed into skin and help skin repair overnight.


Hands that are washed a lot, exposed to outside elements or treated with a lot of hand sanitizer need extra care. Use a hand lotion or hand butter to replenish the natural moisture that is stripped away anytime it is needed. Use it at night before bed so your hands can repair overnight. Our Healing Hand Butter is full of oils, rich butters and natural botanicals to moisturize and create a protective barrier. The healing oils and butters easily absorb into skin and can reverse the effects of dryness and aging. Healing Hand Butter is also EWG VERIFIED.

Arms, Legs and Feet

Sun, wind, workout fabrics that don’t breathe, bugs, skin conditions and pollutants in the air can all affect our skin. Arms and legs are susceptible when exposed. Use lotions, balms, sunscreen and bug repellent to protect your skin. Try B Unbitten, for a nontoxic, organic bug repellent. Use lotions and balms to heal skin as needed and at night. Our Anywhere Balm is gentle enough for babies. It can be used anywhere on your body that needs extra attention. Use this balm to treat dry skin, stretch marks, sunburns, heal scars and to firm skin.




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