We're Jumping for Joy about our Leaping Bunny Certification

April is Earth Month, which means it’s time for that annual tradition of companies telling you how much they care about our planet (despite so many of them giving little evidence that they do). While other companies try to jump through hoops to convince you they are animal-friendly, we at Sally B’s would rather leap… 

For several years now, Sally B’s has been certified as cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny, an organization formed in 1996 by eight animal protection groups. They work with companies to help make shopping for animal-friendly products easier and more trustworthy. 

It was no easy certification process with Leaping Bunny. The Leaping Bunny Standards are probably the most stringent of any animal cruelty advocacy group. So they toured the Sally B's Test Kitchen in Atlanta and interviewed us for several hours. After an extensive review of ingredients and processes, the Leaping Bunny certification was awarded to every product in the Sally B's Skin Yummies line. 

One key requirement that sets the Leaping Bunny Program apart from other cruelty-free certification programs is that companies must annually recommit to upholding their promise to not conduct animal testing on any finished products, ingredients, or formulations. Product formulations change, suppliers come and go, and manufacturers develop new products, so it’s important for Leaping Bunny to recertify each manufacturer on a yearly basis.

We are honored and proud to give our customers the assurance that we are cruelty-free. And Leaping Bunny has made it easy to find other products that have made the same commitment we have: just download their app to quickly find whatever you’re looking for.

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