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The Advice I Would Give to a Younger Me

by Sally Larsen |  | 1 comment

Sally B's Skin Yummies Blog: The Advice I Would Give to a Younger Me
Today is my birthday; It’s no milestone birthday, but each one is important to me as I get older. Someone asked me the other day what my older self would tell my younger self should I have the chance. Easy!
Oh, the advice I would give to a younger me…Don’t use up your knees. Give up sugar and artificial sweeteners. Stay out of the sun. Fat is not the enemy. Love your body. It is lovely, and you should believe it! Don’t ever stop exercising. Keep up your Yoga. Learn to meditate. Drink Green Smoothies
I would tell my younger self that life happens as it should. That tragedy, illness, death, and great joy are things that can come and go at any minute. Our journey includes them all. We never know where life will take us but be ready for it.  And know you will be OK.
I would also tell her to love your friends and family…even in times of disappointment. Spend more time with them. The bonds you have are essential to a quality life.  Women especially, hang on to your girlfriends.  
And then I would get practical. I would try to tell her what lies ahead in the world of business. She would have strict instructions to buy stock in Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Netflix.
I would tell her to start the path I’m on much faster. It’s one thing to start in the year 2000. What if I had started years before that? How much more would I know? If I do anything to help with the health of our planet, then imagine how much more I could have done had I started sooner?
No, time travel is not possible...nor should it be. But it's fun to think about and it's also funny how much I get asked the question.I get frustrated at the slow progress society makes improving the quality of our air and water. But every little effort counts. Many small things can be done to bring about change. Do them! If we make even a tiny bit of difference, then we're ahead.
Happy Birthday to me! I hope next year I can look back and marvel at the progress that has been made.
Sally B


Comments (1)

  • Trish Domenichetti on July 21, 2019

    First and foremost, Sally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I loved your advice. You are spot on that life can and does change in the blink of an eye. We are thankful much too late for something that we had at out disposal.

    On another note, I do love all your products. You gave me a couple samples of the Tamanu Neem healing bar on my recent visit to your store. I am afflicted with developing “cold sores”, which are not only embarrassing , but miserable and painful as well. Along with another medicine specific to cold sores, I have found amazing results. I truly believe that the Neem bar took away the swelling and pain within one day. Generally, I have at least 7 days of discomfort before it is resolved. My plan is on the next occurrence, I will use “only” your Neem bar without any other medicine or treatment. If the results are as immediate as they were this time,I will report back to you. Honestly, this is a game changer for me. Thank you for all your work in making products that are not harmful to us or the environment. I’m deeply appreciative.
    Have a wonderful birthday:)
    Best Regards,

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