How To Combat Excessive Dryness In The Winter Time

Keep skin moisturized with a non-toxic skin care routine

When you hear Christmas carols in the northern hemisphere, most likely it is getting cold outside. During the cold months, the air gets drier and starts sucking moisture from your skin. This is the time of the year that you are more likely to experience dryness and flakiness. But don´t worry, we have your back! One of our goals in the colder months to come is to give you tips on how you can maintain your beautiful winter glow. In this blog, we talk about products you can use on your face, lips, and body to combat excessive dryness.

In addition to these products, another great suggestion is to consider a home humidifier. If you cannot have one in every room, have one at least in your bedroom during the night. A humidifier will create a moist environment for your skin to "drink" during the night.


  • Wash Your Face With A Gentle Cleanser – a good example is our TAMANU LUXURY FACIAL CLEANSER.  The cleansing agent in this super-popular cleanser is saponified from oils of organic coconut, olive, and jojoba.  Also it contains such wonderful moisturizing ingredients as organic camellia oil and tamanu oil. The great benefit of having oils in a cleanser is that they bind to impurities, and pull out dirt without clogging pores or stripping away beneficial oils. The oils in the Tamanu Facial Cleanser are also rich in antioxidants to combat free radicals.
  • B Quenched Facial OilAdd An Extra Layer of Moisture – one of our favorite moisturizing products is our B QUENCHED FACIAL OIL. If your regular moisturizer is not enough (and you will know), B Quenched Facial Oil can be just what you need. It is lightweight and can be used any time of the day to help skin retain moisture. Plus, the oils in B Quenched are rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants to give your face a much needed healthy glow during the cold months.


  • Lip AssistUse A Lip Balm Without Mineral Oil - be extra careful in the winter to not use a lip balm with mineral oil, a petroleum byproduct and a known carcinogen. Mineral oil creates an impermeable barrier that traps your body´s current moisture in, yet does not let additional moisture in. That´s why we created LIP YUMMIES, LIP SKINNIES, and LIP ASSIST CONDITIONING TREATMENT with rich moisturizing, good-for-you oils. If you need some color, LIP SKINNIES are a great option. If you just want to soothe your lips, LIP YUMMIES can help. If your lips are getting very dry and chapped, the LIP ASSIST can be your BFF (please note that you can wear the LIP ASSIST alone or over another product and/or even around your lips).


  • Eco Body LotionUse Extra Rich Moisturizers – a good example is our ECO BODY LOTION (soon in a new scent, Warm + Woodsy + Floral to compliment the season). Our lotion is free from artificial fragrances and full of organic oils and butters to moisturize your skin. Another great advantage of using a lotion such as  ECO BODY is its ingredients have anti-inflammatory and skin calming properties.
  • Anywhere BalmAddress Excessive Dryness As Soon As Possible - if your regular moisturizing routine still leaves your skin in need, consider our ANYWHERE  BALM. This silky balm is versatile in use and works hard to heal skin by stimulating new cell growth. Plus, it's super soothing. 

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