Go Makeup Free With the Right Skin Care

More and more celebrities are showing off a makeup-free look when they stroll around town or walk red carpets. We love to see it! But their minimal look doesn’t mean they’ve put in minimal effort. Bright, soft, and smooth skin requires a commitment to a unique skin care routine behind the scenes. 

Creating the right skin care routine takes patience and planning. It begins with understanding the basics of skin care and treating your skin to a solid foundation of good-for-you products. We always recommend starting with a gentle cleanser and daily moisturizer and then moving into more targeted products. 

Before you go makeup free, are here are a few things to consider:

1. Understand You Don’t Need it All

Your skin is unique to you. Your favorite beauty influencer might recommend 5 daily products, but you might only need 3. There is no reason to spend the money on or burden your delicate skin with unnecessary products. 

2.  Think Organic

They say you are what you eat, and a version of that is true for skin care, too. An effective skin care routine is one that includes products that are fully beneficial to you. There is no room for products that have chemicals that could be counter productive to your skin care goals. 

3. Be Proactive

Create a routine of products that enrich and protect skin, instead of tracking down products to react to a skin condition. This means, wearing a daily sunscreen, keeping skin moisturized, and understanding how your skin reacts to different environments and seasons so you can anticipate your skin care needs.

4. Parallel Your Lifestyle

Healthy skin requires more than just the right skin care products. Make sure your diet is healthy, balanced, and moisturizing; get blood flowing through exercise; and reduce stress by getting enough sleep. 

Where Do I Start Creating a Skin Care Routine?

For those beginning their skin care journey, or looking to embark on an organic path, here are our recommendations. Remember that when applying products to always apply products to clean skin and apply them in order of thickness. Lightweight products will absorb fastest, while thicker products take longer. Don't render a product useless by applying them out of order and not allowing it to reach the skin.


Clean skin is the most important part of a skin care journey. A gentle cleanser like our Tamanu Luxury Facial Cleanser . Cleanse your skin morning and night or after times your skin might be dirty or sweaty. This will ensure that dirt is removed from pores and that the products that you apply will be able to effectively absorb into the skin.

Protect + Repair

Your skin will be exposed to a myrid of elements each day, some of which you won't even know to expect. Then, add an effective layer of antioxidants - like our Daytime Antioxidant Serum - to prevent free radical formation. Make sure to add a layer of sunscreen to your skin before you head out the door. 

At night, after cleansing, follow up with Nighttime Antioxidant Serum which helps repair any cell damage from the day. 


Our skin naturally loses moisture when we age and we know that keeping skin hydrated is key to keeping it healthy. Add a daily moisturizer every morning - we love Tinted Moisturizer - and our Carrot Facial Dream Cream before you go to bed.


What If I'm Not Quite Ready to Go Make-Up Free?

We understand that you might need to transition to a make-up free face. Begin with the skin care products we mention above, but add more translucent makeup to the mix. We suggest:

Tinted Moisturizer - All the benefits of a daily moisturizer with a hint of allover color. 

Get Even Finishing Powder - a loose mineral makeup that smooths skin with a transparent finish. You can achieve a smooth-skin look while letting your natural skin coloring shine through. 

B Glossy Lip Gloss - an organic gloss that adds a tint of color and shine while letting your natural lip color become the base shade. 


The most important thing you can do for your skin is practice patience. It will take some time to see the benefits of new products, so stay committed to your routine to be rewarded with healthy, glowing skin. 


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