Exciting New Natural Botanical, Jakabix

We have exciting news to share with you. First, let me introduce Ali. Alison O’Neil has been in medical aesthetics and has worked with all kinds of skin conditions in dermatology for decades. Her work is highly sought after. She was named a L'Oreal Paris Woman of Worth in 2015 and received 2 awards originating from the White House for her work with elderly care. She has an incredible background, you can learn more here.

Ali introduced us to an incredible natural preservative we want to share with you today.

Ali’s take:

I have seen thousands of skincare products and thousands of patients. I am constantly looking for products that do what they promise because there are a lot of false promises that lead to frustration and great disappointment.

I received a call from the Colombian Consulate General’s office asking if I would meet a scientist from Bogota who had a unique technology. Cesar and his family have been developing a new technology for over 50 years. I was in Bogota within a month.

Biozymes is one of the most significant improvements in the history of the cosmetics industry. One example of the power of Biozymes is the first complete, stand-alone, broad spectrum, all-natural preservative system called JakabixNP.

Derived from sustainable, globally biodiverse, botanical sources primarily found in South America, its name represents three of the most powerful components.

  • Jacaranda mimosifolia flower extract - South American Violet Tree
  • Kalanchoe pinnata leaf extract - The Wonder Plant or Sacred Leaves from India & Madagascar
  • Bixa orellana leaf extract
JakabixNP is currently in front of the leading major laboratories in the cosmetics industry, and who is the first to market? Sally B's Skin Yummies!

Sally’s take:

There are so many factors that go into developing new products. A lot of time is spent taking all of the beneficial ingredients, then creating and testing the best combinations. We have to be so careful about our testing. We have to make sure that each product we make is stable, won't grow any yeast or mold, and is safe.

We have always tested and used the best natural preservatives available. Traditionally, we used a special combination of plants and herbs from different sources. We are very selective and won’t use preservatives like Phenoxyethanol, that some natural companies considered safe.

Ali introduced me to Jakabix and I couldn't wait to try it. Jakabix is sourced from botanicals and uses enzymatic action to protect products. It actually improves the efficacy of the products it is used in. It also increases the shelf life of products. It is very important to me to use the purist and safest ingredients I can source for my customers. All of these factors made it the perfect natural preservative for our products.

Our first trials were not perfect but very exciting. The appearance of the product was just not what I wanted, it’s part of the process. But the feel of it and the change in my skin, and others who were testing it, was impressive.  When we finally got through the trials, we had a product that was unlike anything I've ever made and unlike anything I've every used. Every customer who was given a sample wanted more. Now we have a game changing product that combines several of the new ingredients we have found over the last few months. JakabixNP is an exciting new part of the Sally B’s Skin Yummies story.

I cannot wait for you to try our new product! Keep watching your email and social media.

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