My Friends Just Don’t Get It

For whatever the reason, there is a good chance you know someone who just doesn’t get the “whole organic skin care thing.” We spend the majority of our days creating, talking about, and promoting non-toxic, organic personal care products, and even we have these people in our lives that just don’t get it. If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times, “my mom and grandma didn’t use non-toxic products and they turned out fine.” Yes, but they weren’t up against the thousands of synthetic chemical ingredients found in our shampoo, makeup, nail polish, or lotion like we are. But we digress…

When it comes to defending our decision to use non-toxic products, those who posed the question in the first place tend to stop listening (is ignorance really bliss?) or dismiss the notion of toxins in their products. “No, [Company X] would ever put formaldehyde in this lipstick.” Um, yeah they would and they have knowingly been doing it for years. Oh! And that Carmine they use to make it red, that's just a pound of crushed up bugs. No big deal.

The last thing we want to do is get on a soapbox around our dear friends and family, but we also want to educate them so they remain as healthy as possible. A very delicate fine line for sure.

So as summer approaches and we start making plans with our friends, don't go into crisis mode when you open your bag full of "organic this" or "natural that." Sure the brows will furrow and the questions will come, but seize the opportunity to educate when possible. We believe that your friends will one day (hopefully very soon), thank you for all your knowledge.

  • Always carry a stash of the non-toxic summer essentials: sunscreen, B Unbitten, and a Lip Yummy. If in a position to need an extra layer of protection, you won't have to borrow a toxic alternative from a friend. And be the first one to share your products! Let them experience first hand how a good smelling serum can repel bugs! No DEET necessary! 
  • If you're in a wedding, bring your own products to the party. Makeup artists will use your personal makeup, as will manicurists. Showing off organic products to a professional is always a good thing. It's their business to know a good product when they see it AND keep their clients healthy and happy, so introducing them to a new product line is a great way to spread the non-toxic message. 
  • Be more informed! If one of your friends gets a sunburn, hand over your bottle of Eco Body Lotion and explain that there is Tamanu Oil in it, which is an anti-inflammatory to help tame their burn. They will be more than thankful when your on-point suggestion becomes the solution.
  •  Leave your products out for the world to see. Put a Foaming Hand Soap by the sink, Healing Hand Butter on the dresser, B Glossy Lip Gloss in your purse, and Cuticle Bar in your car. Once people start seeing the word “organic on so many labels in and around your world, they will hopefully start questioning their own products. Let them think, "if she's using an organic hand soap, what's wrong with mine?"

Be receptive to those friends who are trying to make a change. If you're like me, your friends will jump at the chance to point out when one of their products has made a healthy formulation change. It's definitely exciting to see change, but don't be afraid to point out that the product still has artificial fragrance, parabens, etc. We don't want our friends duped by marketing claims!

Of course you will continue to get the questions like, "will organic products work as well as the products I use now." No - they'll probably work better since they're not promoting hormone disruption or causing cancer.




  • diane mina

    I would love to try it out so I can tell my friends about it.

  • Cindy Griggs

    I’m getting more & more interested… I just still really like what I use & have plenty. Keep sending me info :)

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