So, What's The Deal With Petroleum Jelly? , 4 Comments

There are few products whose popularity has spanned decades, and petroleum jelly is one them. To this day, this cabinet-staple can be found in bathrooms of young and old. If you’re like me, your grandma sang its praises, explaining that it could moisturize your lips, coax off a too-tight ring, heal a wound, and cure diaper rash.  She used it, your mom used it, and, therefore, you probably have a plastic container of it somewhere in your house. But did you know, despite its laundry list of uses, that the stuff isn’t that great for you?

Just like the name suggests, petroleum jelly is derived from petroleum, a toxic crude oil. It has the unique ability to absorb into our skin and lock itself into place in between cells in our lipid barrier, which manufacturers who use it will tell you creates long lasting, smooth skin. But truth be told, petroleum jelly has no moisturizing properties of its own and instead acts as a barrier to skin. Sure it will lock in whatever moisture is underneath it to give the appearance of moisturized skin, but it will also lock in any dirt, sweat, or bacteria that exists. This barrier will also deter any added moisture or beneficial minerals or vitamins to reach the skin below. Also, since petroleum jelly is not water soluble, it does not easily wash away and can build up in your system over time.

Petroleum jelly is used in a lot of personal care items, especially in lip balms (just think of how easily it can be ingested!), but here are a few tips to avoid it:

  • Mineral oil, paraffin, naptha, and formaldehyde are all derived from petroleum, so read labels to ensure none of these ingredients are being used.
  • These ingredients are prevalent in candles, so to insure you are not inhaling them, look for candles made from soy or beeswax.



But there’s something to be said about a versatile product - one that can be found in the baby, women’s care, wound care, and even cosmetic aisles. So we went ahead and created a non-toxic version of our own using all plant-based, organic, good-for-you oils, and organic beeswax. Introducing B Soothed, a mild, safe, and effective alternative to petroleum jelly with no added fragrance. The only scent you get is a whiff of coconut from the coconut oil. Around the Sally B's lab it has been successful in soothing diaper rash, adding moisture to rough spots, and granting relief to our feet when breaking in new shoes. What do you plan on using it for?