DO: Give an Unexpected Gift

The creativity around the Sally B's kitchen rolls deep and we often find ourselves swapping stories about painting, sewing, and knitting. Just the other day, one of our favorite knitting stores, The Whole Nine Yarns (cute, right?), posted to Facebook an awesome gift giving idea. Knit a scarf or any wearable accessory and wear it out about town. The first person to compliment the item gets it. It might be a family member or it might be someone in the grocery store check out just never know!

We love the idea and think it can work with anything. Find an awesome piece of jewelry you never wear anymore or carry around a brand new bottle of the nail polish you're wearing (or your favorite B Glossy Lip Gloss color!). When someone compliments it, pass along the gift. What better way to give someone exactly what they want this holiday season?! We can only imagine how fabulous this gesture must feel!

TODAY: Think of one item you can randomly gift to a stranger.Then do it!

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