The Anatomy of a People and Planet Friendly Product

Sally B's Skin Yummies Blog: The Anatomy of a People & Planet Friendly Product

One of the pillars on which we built Sally B's Skin Yummies is that we create products that are people and planet friendly. There is a symbiotic relationship to our personal health and the health of our environment, and we work to ensure that we maintain the delicate balance between the two.

Here are the qualities that make a product people and planet friendly:

  • Promotes clean air. Keep irritating and harmful toxins out of the air by avoiding products made with artificial fragrance, show as 'parfum' or 'fragrance' on an ingredient list. As many as 3,000 chemicals - mostly synthetic - are used to manufacture an artificial fragrance and it is estimated that 95% of the artificial fragrances on the market are derived from petroleum byproducts.
  • Does not harm waterways. By nature, personal care products are rinsed down the drain and enter our waterways. Ensure you don’t introduce toxins into delicate aquatic ecosystems by choosing products without harmful ingredients like Tricolosan, plastic microbeads, or petrochemicals.
  • Not tested on animals. Animals are part of our ecosystem and it is important we consider their health and well being, too. Look for the Leaping Bunny Seal or another assurance that the company does not test their ingredients or products on animals.
  • Thoughtful ingredient selection. For a product that is truly people and planet friendly, look for non-toxic and organic ingredients that are beneficial to skin health and won’t be harmful to the planet once it’s washed down the drain.
  • Transparency. Contact the company if you have any questions about ingredients used or environmental ethic. Their response will be telling and you will be able to determine if the company is right for you.

Choosing a skin care regime of non-toxic products is not only good for the longevity of your skin health, but also for the planet. In honor of Earth Month, take inventory of your products and consider how the ingredients are impacting you and your environment. Weed out the products that contain potentially harmful ingredients like parabens, petrochemicals, Tricolosan, or formaldehyde and replace them with skin-enriching ingredients naturally designed by Mother Earth.

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