Get Even Finishing Powder


Get flawless looking skin with Sally B's Get Even Finishing Powder. This lightweight, long-lasting loose powder is designed to work with most skin tones by adding a sheer, smoothed finish that enhances your skin’s natural glow. It can be applied atop foundation or worn alone. 



    • Made with 100% pure minerals
    • Free of Bismuth, Parabens, and other toxic ingredients
    • Does not contain nano-particles
    • Blots oil and evens out skin tone
    • One color suits most
    • Works with most skin types
  •  With a makeup brush, buff an even layer on top of plain skin, moisturizer, or foundation.

  • COMMON NAME: Micas, Boron Nitrate, Silica, Organic Jojoba Oil, Iron Oxides, Ultramarines

  • 10 gram jar with closing sifter lid. Also available in a .5 gram traveler size as part of our Traveler bag

  • For a matte finish to your makeup routine, apply Get Even directly on top of our Tinted Moisturizer.

Customer Reviews
5 out of 5, based on 11 reviews
Kelly from Chicago on Aug 26, 2015
Another great product! I layer this product over the tinted moisturizer and it creates a natural, glowing look. I tried another big name mineral foundation and it left my skin looking dry and dull. This isn't drying and it looks so natural. I don't need a lot of coverage but would imagine it could provide more coverage if I used more powder or a concealer brush perhaps. I was hesitant to try new products without seeing the tone of the color in person, but I am so happy I took a chance. Love it and would recommend it to a friend!
Tahira from London, UK on Jan 22, 2015
This is everything I have wanted a finishing powder to do! It's light yet provides a soft airbrush finish, keeps oil at bay and does not highlight any dry patches. Appropriately named, it definitely evens out skin. A permanent product in my makeup bag!
Natalie from New York, NY on Oct 06, 2014
I absolutely love this product!! It gives me a natural's so different from other powders as it does not look heavy. It definitely evens out my skin completion. I have finally found something that I love and would recommend to all my family and friends!! :-)
Rachel from Chicago on Sep 22, 2014
Hands down the best mineral makeup I have ever used, and I have tried them all! I was loyal for 10 years to a big brand mineral makeup, but after finding out the ingredient, I searched for something new. This finishing powder gives a flawless finish!
Sara from Baker City, OR on Sep 05, 2014
I have been using Sally B's Get Even Finishing Powder for over a year now and I love it. It's lightweight, perfect tint in color, and easy to apply. I feel like I'm not wearing makeup - it's just enough. I also use it with the powder blush! What love most is that I'm not putting toxic makeup on my skin :) Thanks!
Becky K from Atlanta, GA on Jul 21, 2014
I have been looking for a new setting powder, my old stand-by was just discontinued. This product has a smooth consistency, it's easy to apply, and it stays on all day! It does a great job of locking in my concealer and it evens-out my skin tone This is my new setting powder, I won't look any further!
Megan from Reno, NV on Jun 28, 2014
Love the get even finishing powder to help disguise my German dark eye circles as well as occasionally even up my fair, sometimes pinkish skin tone. Such an awesome product that I'll be using for years to come! Very lightweight, also helps to conceal blemishes. :)
Julie from . on Mar 02, 2014
I also stopped wearing makeup a long time ago. I just gave up because pay skin just can't handle makeup. I even tried some of the mineral makeup brands but found that they did more harm than good to my skin. This product is perfect for me. It is so subtle, but does cover and even out my skin tone. I don't look like I have makeup on, but My skin looks better. Glowing and radiant actually. I will continue to purchase thins knowing also that it is as good as it gets ingredient wise.
Brittney from Sioux City, Iowa on Jan 31, 2013
I quite wearing makeup last year because I was tired of my face breaking out and from being let down by "natural" products!
Well, my brother got engaged this past December and I had to scramble to find some sort of powdered for the wedding!
Thanks to Kimberly Snyder's suggestion, I tried the GET EVEN FINISHING POWDER and the rest is history! Its wonderfully and TRULY ALL NATURAL and has even enhanced my face!
Kimberly from United States on Nov 25, 2012
I finally found a wonderful mineral based makeup that I can feel good about!
I use it over the Tinted Moisturizer on those laid back, no make-up days or over the Luxury Mineral Foundation for a flawless look.
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