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We have been in retail long enough to have regularly witnessed a husband or boyfriend who comes in and asks sheepishly for an “I’m sorry” gift.  We have never asked for reasons but thought we would come up with a couple of gifts for the significant other in your life.  This one is larger and perhaps for bigger transgressions. 

Into every partner's life a huge mistake will happen. This collection of Sally B's was put together for a significant other who said I need redemption. In a way that flowers can't say, this collection says I love you so much I want you to have the healthiest, organic skincare possible. 

Maybe you should get some flowers too!

(1) Tamanu Luxury Facial Cleanser

(1) Intensive Eye Repair

(1) Carrot Facial Dream Cream

(1) Peptide Booster Serum 

(1) Natural Buff Cuticle Bar

(1) Healing Hand Butter

(1) Moisturizing Body Buff

(1) Anywhere Body Balm

(1) Essentially Perfume

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