Makeup Brushes


Choose from an array of superior quality brushes made from Taclon, a wonderful, synthetic material that we have found to be superior in every way.

Short Kabuki Brush -This short, flat topped brush perfectly compliments our mineral makeup sifter jars. Slightly larger than the jars, the brush allows for easy application and minimizes product spillage. A gentle brush that does not irritate skin.

Long Handled Kabuki Brush - Another great brush for our mineral makeups. Allows for easy, sweeping applications for bronzers and blushes.

Dual Sided Brush - A multi-use brush that can be used apply foundation, B Smudged, or even lip color.

Smudger - Great for applying eye or lip applications. Works perfectly with our B Smudged. The brush is dense and holds a lot of product, making application easy.




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