Vitamin C Cream

    Have you ever wondered what the benefits are of Vitamin C cream?

    We all know how important Vitamin C is for a healthy diet, but it’s also highly beneficial when used in skincare products, especially if they’re part of a non-toxic, organic range.

    If you’re looking for a healthier skincare routine, finding beauty and skincare products containing heaps of Vitamin C is a great place to start, thanks to an array of benefits on offer. At Sally B’s Skin Yummies, we’re passionate about high-quality organic skincare, and we create products that use only naturally sourced ingredients.

    What Is Vitamin C?

    There are many natural sources of Vitamin C (including fruit and vegetables), making it an excellent organic ingredient to add to non-toxic skincare collections. This essential nutrient has several functions in our bodies, including protecting cells and keeping them healthy, wound healing, and of course, maintaining healthy skin.

    Products containing this wonder vitamin can help with almost any skin complaint you can name, from rough textures and dull complexions to fine lines and scarring. In fact, because it’s a natural component of healthy skin, it’s important we ensure our levels don’t decline after our skin gets damaged by the sun, pollution, and aging.

    Benefits of Vitamin Cfor Your Skin

    As well as the benefits for our general health, Vitamin C is now widely used in organic skincare products, but why is it so good for us?

    • EVEN SKIN TONES: Vitamin C helps to tackle rough, uneven skin, leaving a silky smooth texture.

    • BRIGHTEN SKIN: As a powerhouse ingredient of skincare creams, Vitamin C can help to brighten your complexion.

    • ELIMINATE FINE LINES: Tired of common signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines? Use Vitamin C creams to diminish their appearance.

    • PROTECT AGAINST FREE RADICALS: Shield the skin from the impact of stressors, including harsh winds, overexposure to the sun, and cigarette smoke.

    • AIDS HEALING: Vitamin C can help to soothe skin ailments such as redness, inflammation, and dark patches (hyperpigmentation).

    Choose Organic Skincare Products

    Have you been looking for Vitamin C creams as part of a non-toxic skincare and beauty range? Check out Sally B’s Skin Yummies. Many of our fantastic products contain a nourishing blend of nutrients, including Vitamin C.

    One of our most popular products is the Antioxidant Skin Boost. This is the ideal way to give your nighttime skincare regime an overhaul, providing a Vitamin C powder that’s packed full of beneficial ingredients. All you need to do is mix a scoop of the powder with your night cream or serum to ensure its goodness reaches your skin. The super antioxidant powers will leave your complexion feeling brighter, healthier, and younger. It’s 100% free of artificial ingredients and contains over 65% Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid).

    All of our products are cruelty-free, giving you an easy choice when looking for your new favorite ethical skincare brand.

    Are you looking for Vitamin C creams? Discover organic skincare collections in our online shop now.

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