Smudge Stick Gift Set
Smudge Stick Gift Set
Smudge Stick Gift Set

Smudge Stick Gift Set

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You don’t have to practice witchcraft to gain the benefits of a good smudge.  What is a Smudge stick?  It’s a bundle of herbs that when lit, put off a smoke and an aroma that is said to purify a space.  After the year we have had, we thought that all of our spaces needed a good smudge.  Both Blue Sage and White Sage are purifying and best of all, help remove negative energy.

We chose Blue and White Sage bundles.  We packaged one of each in a Sally B's Gift bag so they are ready to use or ready to give.  Gift Tag and directions are included.

Blue Sage is a purifying herb. It is said to cleanse and protect as well as provide a relaxing atmosphere to any space.  Some say also that Blue Sage brings wealth, health, and prosperity.

White Sage is also an herb that is said to cleanse and purify.  Burn either white or blue sage to rid your home of negative energy.

Smudging with herbs is an ancient ritual that has become popular in modern times.  We hear lots of techniques and you may have your own prayer or meditation to use.  If this is your first time, light your smudge stick, extinguish the flame and walk around your home or place of work allowing the smoke to perfume the air.  Do this peacefully and mindfully.  You can state an intention or say a prayer…out loud or to yourself. 

We hope this brings you peace, prosperity and a gentle exit from the year.

All of Sally B's Skin Yummies products are formulated to be people and planet friendly. It is our promise that all product formulations contain ingredients that are:

+ Ethically sourced
+ Plant-based
+ Organic when possible
+ Sustainable
+ Non-GMO
+ Paraben-free
+ Gluten-free
+ Vegan

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