The Importance Of Washing Your Face


With all the emphasis on washing our hands and not touching our faces, let's talk about the importance of washing your face.

We should all wash our face at least twice a day. More if you're sweating and working out. Washing your face removes the dirt and oils (and yes, bacteria) that accumulate and make your pores larger.

To start your day with a clean canvas, wash your face in the morning. Our faces excrete oils at night and even the cleanest pillows still have a little dirt.

At night, we need to remove makeup and grime from the day. Again, you'll want a clean canvas to apply nighttime products so they can work their magic.

Our Tamanu Luxury Cleanser is made with 95% organic ingredients. We start with an organic base made with coconut, olive and jojoba oils. We blend in several additional organic ingredients including Tamanu, a healing oil from the Polynesian Islands that has anti inflammatory benefits. Our cleanser is formulated to give a luxurious feel that is almost like a lotion. It naturally foams without harmful sulfates.

We listened to all of you and are so excited about the new packaging. The new glass bottle shakes out the perfect amount so your face wash will last even longer. And no more clogs with the new bottle! Thank you for all the feedback.

Thanks again for all your support during these strange days. Your support truly means the world. Be safe and stay healthy.

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