Sally B's Skin Yummies Summer Must-Haves Collection

Sally B’s Summer Must-Haves Collection 

Sally B's Skin Yummies Summer Must-Haves Collection

Summer is officially here, and it's that time of year when we let loose, unwind and take that vacation we've been dreaming of! It's also a time to transition our skincare routine to meet the demands of the Summer season. Let us help you with our Sally B’s Skin Yummies’ Summer Must-Haves Collection.

Keep It Light

Antioxidant Serum - DaytimeAntioxidants are essential for Summer. This is the time of year when we change out that thick moisturizer for something a bit more lightweight. Give your skin an extra layer of protection from the harsh, day-to-day elements with Sally B's Daytime Antioxidant Serum. Packed full of powerful antioxidants like Organic Olive Leaf Extract, Organic Green Tea, and Organic Helichrysum, this lightweight serum absorbs quickly into skin to help prevent free-radical formation and provide all-day moisture. It's super lightweight but 

Cool Off 

B Cool Misting SprayFormulated with Organic Peppermint and Bamboo Extract, Sally B's B Cool Misting Spray is a naturally cooling misting spray that sets makeup, cools the skin, and reduces shine from sweat and oil. In need of a refreshing break from an afternoon in the heat or from an exercise routine? Just spritz some B Cool Misting Spray generously on arms, necks, legs, and face. The Organic Peppermint inside contains a high percentage of menthol, which can trick brain receptors into thinking the body is cooler than it already is. Instantly receive an allover cooling and calming effect.

Be Smooth 

Eco Body LotionWant to have silky smooth skin ready for Summer? Try our Sally B's Eco Body Lotion, a good-to-use anywhere, anytime lotion free of artificial fragrance. Packed full of certified organic oils and butters, including healing Tamanu Oil, this lotion is quickly absorbed into the skin and alleviates irritation and soothes dry patches, it even eases sunburn pain and symptoms.

Wear Less

Get Even PowderIn the Summer we tend to wear less makeup. While you may not need a foundation or eye makeup, consider adding our Get Even Finishing Powder to your makeup bag. This translucent powder evens out skin tone, gives the face a polished, yet natural look, and can even help blot excess oil from the skin. It can be worn alone on clean skin or with our Tinted Moisturizer for a matte finish and great Summer look.

Be Comfortable In Your Skin

Moisturizing Body BuffSummer is all about bare shoulders, arms, and legs, and we want our exposed skin as silky smooth as possible. Use a gentle exfoliator like our Moisturizing Body Buff to slough off dead skin cells and reveal glowing, healthy skin.  When you are going to an event where you are sleeveless, backless, or just have more skin exposed than usual, treat yourself to a good scrub. The skin that shows will be smooth and glowing. It is also an excellent exfoliator pre-treatment for self-tanning products.

Watch Your Mouth

Lip SkinniesYep, you heard that right. Many times people forget to take care of their lips during the summer months. And, in case you weren't aware, lips burn more quickly than any other part of your body. Keep them soothed with our Lip Skinnies, which combine the bold color of a lipstick with the soothing qualities of lip balm. No longer do you have to worry about painting your lips with potentially toxic or drying ingredients – instead, our moisture-rich formula, made with over 98% organic ingredients, ensures that not only you are staying healthy, but you can safely smooch even the most precious of cheeks. 

Bug Off

B UnbittenMosquitoes are one of Summer's biggest buzz-kills and shooing them from your picnic, outdoor concert, or trip to the park can be next to impossible. Defend your skin from mosquitoes with our blend of organic essential oils, naturally designed to repel the pesky pests. Blended with Fractionated Coconut Oil, Sally B’s B Unbitten is a lightweight, fast-absorbing serum that provides great smelling and non-toxic protection without the greasy or sticky feeling left behind from other toxic repellents.

Hit the Road 

The TravelerFor many, it's vacation time, but you don't have to sacrifice your natural beauty when you hit the road. That’s where The Traveler steps in. We have shrunk down 6 of our most popular, skin loving products into easy-to-pack travel sizes and packed them into an organic cotton, zip top pouch made locally and exclusively for us. This pouch fits easily into your luggage and meets TSA liquid size standards. Forget the mess of creating our own travel sizes, because we've done it for you!

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