Cacay Nut Oil


A note from Alison O'Neil:

Finding and sourcing new ingredients can be an adventure. Four years ago, I went to Bogota, Colombia where I was introduced to 60 different companies who had all kinds of cosmetic related products. These companies all wanted to find a new way to bring their products to the United States rather than the traditional distribution model. So, I started a company to help small, sustainable, family owned farmers and companies that have specialized, plant derived ingredients.

One of the products I was introduced to was Cacay nut oil from the Cacay tree. The Cacay tree has an interesting history. Related to the almond family that originates in Colombia, South America. It had almost gone extinct due to forests being destroyed during the drug wars. Oil for the Cacay tree has been used by villagers for centuries as a healthy dry oil for skin and hair care. It is often compared to Argan oil but it has a few more benefits. Oh, it is also an edible nut and used for its nutritional benefits.

I met two brothers who had a vision to use their family property to develop a plantation to help with reforestation of the Cacay tree while sustainably creating Cacay nut oil to help their village and country thrive. They started their plantation more than 7 years ago with several hundred trees. The trees take three to five years to bear fruit. Once it produces the fruit or nut it continues to produce for one hundred years. In these past 7 years, they already started improving the quality of life for people in their village.

The brothers are industrial engineers by trade and understand the importance of scientific data. They shared studies with me about the oil’s efficacy with vitamin E, linoleic acid and a natural retinol alternative from vitamin A.

Now for the really good stuff. I fell in love with Cacay oil and constantly put it on. I realized this special ingredient had to be shared. It is a dry oil that does not leave a shine or sticky surface and feels incredible on your skin. Cacay oil also prepares your skin for the perfect make-up look. Makeup stays in place longer and skin is bright and intact during the day.

Cacay oil can prevent and correct wrinkles and fine lines and promote cell regeneration providing a filling effect that improves the appearance of fine lines. It enhances the skin’s protective moisturizing barrier for long lasting hydration. Well, of course there are the antioxidant benefits of the vitamins A and E too. It can be used day and night. But, of course wear a sunscreen over it during the day. Always think, “protect and prevent.”

The linoleic acid, provides essential nutrients for proper functioning of the skin, activating its natural renewal process. And together it restores skin luminosity making it look full and radiant.

With increasing skin cell turnover rates, it smooths the skin’s surface and lessens the appearance of skin spots and blemishes. Linoleic acid is also known for its ability to strengthen the internal structure of the skin to achieve the optimal balance of elasticity and firmness. It is also found naturally in the skin so it is a viable biocompatible topical treatment that works with your skin.

Most people with oily skin don’t realize that it is due to lack of hydration that their oil glands over produce. Thanks to its ability to hold water in the skin, Cacay oil helps regulate oily skin.

What about this? It’s great for men too. It sooths skin after shaving leaving a luxurious and soothing feel.

Because of all its amazing properties and because it can be blended with other ingredients and not lose its potency, I introduced it to Sally. Sally tested it and loved it. Cacay oil is a key ingredient in our NEW product, Citrine Complete. Look for other exciting things to come in our botanical treatment line.

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