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We are big believers in consistency when it comes to skin health. And part of that consistency is regular visits to a dermatologist or esthetician. We recently met Lidia Nistor-Reteneller, an esthtician and founder of Atlanta-based Skin IQ, whose approach to skin care is very much inline with our practices and beliefs. Skin IQ marries a full menu of skin-enriching services with healthy, mindful product selection to create a personalized treatment plan to enrich each client's natural beauty.

When Skin IQ asked to carry Sally B's Skin Yummies in their retail store, we jumped at the chance to become part of this amazing med spa. We caught up with Lidia to learn more about her passion for health, wellness, and beautiful skin.

What inspired you to start your own health and wellness journey of helping others?
Medical background, and obsession since I was 7 years old. Of course it has been an evolutionary process from playing in a "research lab" as a little girl, to nowadays purpose of helping people understand the benefits and methods of balance their mind-body-spirit with the purpose of achieving inner beauty and happiness.

How do you incorporate health and wellness into your daily life?
Either home or studio-based daily yoga, daily meditation for stress management and connection to a higher source, and of course organic food and organic daily supplements, like alpha lipoic acid, CoQ10, omega 3, in addition to daily vitamins. We are the first retailer in the country to sell a vitamin brewing machine.

What is one change everyone can make to improve their health and wellness?
By far, the most effective, affordable, and well-rounded multiple benefits: meditation. This summer I will coach private meditation for anti-aging and anti-stress.

What is your favorite Sally B's product?
All of them are amazing. Hard to choose one. Really.

What is your go-to beauty tip?
Regular salon or self skin care. Consistency is by far the best way to say beautiful from the outside.

To learn more about SkinIQ, visit: www.skiniqmedspa.com

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