Skin Care Resolutions for 2019


As we look back at 2018 and make resolutions for the New Year, we invite you to add a few healthy skin care practices to the list. While we might regularly use organic products, there are many factors that contribute to skin health. Regularly reminding ourselves of this, especially at the start of a new year, is important.

Here are our top 5 skin care resolutions for 2019:

When it’s time to buy a new skin care product, research products available and opt for the non-toxic option. This is especially helpful for those who are new to their non-toxic journey.

Create daily balance. Whether you choose yoga or meditation, curling up with a good book or taking relaxing bath, resolve to make time for you. Keeping your stress levels in tact, as well as getting your blood flowing, is important to healthy skin.

Pay attention to your diet. Load up on from-the-earth foods (organic when possible) and limit sugar. While it may seem like an innocent indulgent, sugar can having lasting and visible effects on your skin. Read more about The Not So Sweet Truth About Sugar.

Become an informed consumer. The skincare industry is loaded with “beauty secrets” – vague marketing claims, green washing, and hidden chemical ingredients – and it is up to you to see past them. Become familiar with the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database, ask questions, and read ingredient labels! Until there are government regulations imposed to clean up the skin care industry, it is up to you to be your own expert!

Be sensitive to those around you. What you put on yourself affects those around you. Ever been in an elevator with someone who reeks of perfume? The hidden chemical toxins in that perfume could trigger an asthma attack, lead to a skin rash, or cause an allergic reaction to anyone in that elevator. Consider babies that you snuggle. Whatever you put on your skin can easily transfer to theirs. Just another reason to use non-toxic products!

Stay hydrated. Using moisturizing products on your skin is important, but hydrating your skin from the inside out is also vital. Jump start your day with a nutrient-rich, hydrating green smoothie, fill your diet with hydrating foods like fruits and veggies (learn more about Hydrating Foods for Skin Health), and continually drink water throughout the day.

No matter the stage of your health journey, incorporating these tips can produce positive results for your skin and overall health. What are some tips or resolutions on your list for the new year?


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