You Are What You Apply

From dedicated grocery store sections to the expanding numbers of farm-to-table restaurants and weekend farmer’s markets, one thing is apparent: organic and clean eating is on the rise. People are becoming more and more conscious about the food they put in their bodies and are avoiding foods doused with pesticides, containing GMO’s, and packed-full of chemical ingredients. But when it comes to non-toxic, organic skincare, the national conversation is just beginning. What we put on our bodies impacts our health just as the food we put in our bodies does, but companies continue to use harmful ingredients and consumers continue to purchase these products. 

Our body consumes the ingredients in our skin care products, and sadly, according to a recent study conducted by UK company Bionsen, the average woman applies 500 chemicals to her body each day during her beauty routine.  These chemicals can have a cumulative effect and seriously impact our overall health.

Just like there is junk in the food industry (think low priced, mass produced, artificial, convenient,), there is junk in the beauty aisles, too. In terms of beauty it’s not a product’s alluring taste, but rather the allure of the potential beauty transformation that has us hooked. The taste/result of this “junk” is undeniable during consumption, but once the food starts to digest or product starts soaking in, the novelty wears off. The effects of eating food are parallel to the effects skin care products have on our body. Both can affect your internal systems and overall health.

Think of the last healthy meal that you cooked at home. Maybe you went to the farmer’s market for fresh spinach, or maybe it took some extra time to track down a hard-to-find ingredient. Sure the prep was more involved than lets say popping a frozen dinner into the microwave or more expensive than heading to the drive-thru, but we guess that in the end that is was all worth it. You probably felt great - energized, healthy, and proud that you took a stand for your personal health. How do you feel at the end of the day when you take off your makeup? When you use the good stuff, the products made from non-toxic, organic ingredients, your skin feels healthy and it looks great, too.  

At one point or another, we have all consumed the “junk.” Heck, there might even be the skin care equivalent of a Twinkie still lurking in your makeup bag.  No matter how alluring the commercial or enticing the celebrity looks wearing this “junk” makeup, you have to curb your cravings by introducing healthy, beneficial products.  Try our Antioxidant Serums, which are packed full of beneficial vitamins and antioxidants for your skin. A couple of pumps in the morning and night will keep your skin looking healthy and brighter. You will begin to understand what "real" ingredients feel like. As you may have adapted your palate to avoiding junk food, you may soon adapt your body to appreciate the healthier products you begin using. And your skin will look great, too! So great that you might be able to ditch that Cream.

We all have a choice at snack time and we all have a choice in the beauty aisle: junk or organic. Which one are you choosing?


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