Planet Friendly Packaging

We love to say that Sally B’s is good for people and the planet. As you know, we go on and on about how our non-toxic products and ingredients are good for you, but rarely do we talk about our environmental commitment.  Having an earth-friendly commitment goes hand in hand with a company like ours. Our earth gives us our ingredients, which are the cornerstone of the Sally B's line, so it is important for us to do everything in our power to keep it healthy and thriving.

Our company inherently does good through the use of non-toxic ingredients. We are not passively introducing toxins into our environment. Just think: every time you wash your hands, face, or take a shower, you are sending products down the drain and into our waterways. By using non-toxic products you’re ensuring that our rivers, streams, and wildlife are not being exposed to damaging toxins.

But in the areas where there are decisions to be made, we make the earth-friendly choice whenever possible, even if it does cost a little bit extra on our end. One area that we do not compromise our environmental integrity is product packaging.  Our landfills are packed to the max and we have plastic garbage patches floating in our oceans. We do not want to be a part of the problem, so we use packaging that can be recycled to be part of the solution.

First, we do not package our products in unnecessary boxes. We include all our product information on our product labels to eliminate the need for additional packaging, which is one less thing for you to throw away or recycle. Plus, we believe that you should have all the information about your products readily available to you. We use glass jars, BPA-free plastic containers (for those products used by wet, slippery hands), and aluminum lids, all of which can be recycled at the end of their usefulness. We also believe in reusing containers whenever possible. Get creative!

As a small company, when it comes to product packaging we are limited to what is available. If you have noticed that our packaging changes from time to time, it is because we have found a new, better solution or found a new, recyclable option. Or you might have experienced a few dents in the aluminum lids. We call them causalities of the cause and we thank you for understanding.

We do everything in small batches – from ordering to mixing products – so you may continue to see tweaks to our packaging as the cosmetic packaging market expands. But rest assured, even if we do upgrade a bottle, tube, or sifter jar, we will still use the same non-toxic ingredients that you love inside. 

We thank you for recycling and supporting our mission to be as people and planet friendly as possible.


  • Satyam

    Super jazezd about getting that know-how.

  • Sally B

    Thanks, ladies for the kind words! And we love that you are reusing our packaging! Most of our packing inserts come from our neighboring garden center. He can’t reuse his packing materials, so we do. Lets keep the cycle going!

  • C. Truitt

    I recently started using some of your products. I like to use organic and I recycle so for me you are a PERFECT company! Thank you.

  • Jana

    I love what yo are doing and the thoughtfulness behind it. I am very pleased with my first purchase of B Smoothed and how effective it is on my skin. More, the mailing and package materials are all set for recycling. Keep up the good works!

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