NEW PRODUCTS: B Unbitten, Organic Lip Yummies & Smokey Plum B Smudged

Introducing three new and improved products to the Sally B's family! We've improved upon favorite recipes and updated their look to bring you three awesome products: B Unbitten, Organic Lip Yummies, and Smokey Plum B Smudged!


An update of our best-selling Essential Oil Blend! The same scent and benefits you love, now available in a larger bottle with a few ingredient additions to allow for easy application and quick absorption into skin.

Defend your skin from mosquitoes with our blend of organic essential oils, naturally designed to repel pesky pests. B Unbitten is a light serum that absorbs nicely to the skin, providing great smelling and non-toxic protection without the greasy or sticky feel left behind from other toxic repellents. 



Instantly transform dry, cracked lips into soft and smooth, kissable lips with our Organic Lip Yummies. Now made with moisture-rich Coconut Oil and flavored with organic essential oils, Lip Yummies go on extra smooth and leave behind a long lasting silky feel, eliminating the annoying hassle of constant reapplication. Free of Gluten, soy, and other harsh chemicals, Lip Yummies are perfect for lips of any age.  Introducing our newest flavor: Mints In Harmony, a balanced blend of organic peppermint and organic spearmint. Trust us when we say this will soon become your favorite.


Hey Green Eyes. Yeah, we're talking to you! We've heard your request and have brought you Smokey Plum, the newest smudge eye tint. We're excited for this new color and certain you will be, too.

These products are perfect for summer - a non-toxic repellent to shield you from bugs during nights spent outside, a fun, flirty color to give your makeup routine a twist, and a cooling mint Lip Yummie to smooth chapped lips. We hope you enjoy these new products as much as we do!

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  • Brenda Lee

    Hi, I’m trying to shop eyeshadows on your site & can’t seem to find them.

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