Skin Care Benefits of Pumpkin

When we think of pumpkin, we typically think pie or spiced lattes. While these certainly are some of the season’s finest treats, there is more to pumpkin than satisfied taste buds. The seasonal squash has been a mainstay in many Fall foods, but it can also be a very beneficial skin care product, too. Rich in antioxidants and cell-rejuvenating properties, pumpkin can play a crucial role in keeping skin looking fresher and younger.


The seeds, which we so casually toss out when carving a pumpkin, are packed full of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, essential fatty acids, and zinc to help even out skin tone, reverse cell damage, balance moisture, and maintain collagen levels, respectively. While women love the anti-aging properties of pumpkin seeds, men can benefit from their work in protecting prostate health.


If you’re after Vitamin A, look no further than the pumpkin. It contains almost triple the recommended daily allowance for healthy eyes, immune system, and bone density. Pumpkin is one of the best-known sources of beta-carotene, which when consumed, converts to Vitamin A.

When applied topically, the enzymes found in pumpkin produce similar results as alpha-hydroxys. It can slough off dead skin cells, moisturize, and nourish skin. What better way to experience this than with a custom B Green Mud Mask?

To make your own pumpkin mud mask combine 2 tablespoons of our B Green Mud Mask dry blend of herbs and french green clay with 1 teaspoon Greek yogurt and 1 tablespoon pumpkin puree. Apply to your face and let sit for for 10-15 minutes before washing off.

So during your post-Halloween pumpkin cleanup or holiday pie baking endeavors, save some pumpkin. While a bright orange face make might look scary, ithe natural goodness of the squash will be a treat for your skin. No tricks about it.

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