5 Ways to Green Your Skin Care Routine

We here at Sally B’s are invested in sustainability - in both our daily routines and in the products we use. We especially know the importance of using organic skin care products: with them, no potentially hazardous chemicals are entering our water ways and ecosystems.

And since you’re here, we know you get it, too.

We have pledged to live sustainably and we consider Earth Month a rededication to our commitment. To kick off this month long celebration we’re sharing 5 ways we can green your skin care routine. Because the little things - especially when done together - can make a difference.

First, it goes without saying that using non-toxic skin care products, like Sally B's Skin Yummies, is essential to a sustainable routine. Our products are made with ethically sourced, planet-based ingredients which are good for your health and the planet's. We avoid all toxic ingredients, including parabens, petroluem by products, microplastics, and unidentified fragrance. Our products are also packaged with minimal packaging that can refilled or recycled. 

5 Ways to Green Your Skin Care Routine 

  1. Invest in Reusable Tools. Instead of using one-time-use makeup remover pads or cotton balls, consider chose these cotton rounds or these reusable makeup remover cloths. Make sure you wash them regularly to ensure their longevity.

  2. Use Less Water. It goes without saying that you should turn the water off when you’re not using it. But consider taking the extra step and doing some of your sink routines in the shower. You can wash your face or smooth rough patches with our Moisturizing Body Buff. And perhaps give cold water a chance! Instead of using energy to heat up the water, you might see some reinvigorating benefits from a cool-water shower.

  3. Use Multi-Purpose Products. Reduction is a big player in the sustainability game, so look for products that serve several purposes. Find a moisturizer with some foundational color (like our Tinted Moisturizer) or a serum that moisturizes, repairs, and protects skin (like our Antioxidant Daytime Serum).

  4. Add a Serum to Your Routine. Serums are lightweight skin care products made with a high concentration of active ingredients. Because of this you can use less product for more beneficial results. Because they are so highly effective, you may not need to use them as often. Serums can last longer.

  5. Dispose of Products Responsibly. When it's time to dispose of your skin care products, make sure to do so responsibly. Check with your local recycling center to see what items can be recycled or participate in our recycling program and send them back to us.

We'd love to hear what extra steps you take to make your daily routine more sustainable! 

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