5 Reasons To Love Black Cumin Seed Oil


For millennia the oil derived from the seed of the Nigella Sativa flower has been a coveted beauty and health ingredient. Cleopatra was said to have never gone a day without applying it. The seeds were found in the tomb of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen and Hippocrates used it in his recipes. While studies show there are many medical uses for Black Cumin Seed Oil, we love it for its versatility and benefits for skin health. We’ve been utilizing this ancient beauty secret for years. We have 5 products and a skincare set that feature this amazing ingredient. As a bonus for visiting our blog, take 25% off your entire order with code CUMIN20.

5 skin care benefits of Black Cumin Seed Oil

1. Moisturizing

Black Cumin Seed Oil is an excellent source of Vitamin B, which helps to retain moisture in skin. It is a fantastic ingredient for serums and moisturizers. Citrine Complete Botanical Treatment is a moisturizer and serum in one that features organic Black Cumin Seed Oil. The Moisture Skincare Set has 3 of our products that all feature the nourishing organic Black Cumin Seed Oil.

2. Acne

Black Cumin Seed Oil has antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce acne. Studies have shown it has effective potency on the bacteria that cause acne. Skin that overproduces oil can be more susceptible to acne breakouts because excess oil collects in pores. The essential fatty acids in Black Cumin Seed Oil also help clear the excess oil. B Quenched Facial Oil has our highest concentration of organic Black Cumin Seed Oil.

3. Wrinkles

With its moisturizing and antioxidant properties, Black Cumin Seed Oil keeps skin elastic and fights damaging free radicals that cause wrinkles and fine lines. Our Intensive Eye Repair can be used on the delicate skin around eyes and any other wrinkles and fine lines that need extra attention.

4. Anti-inflammatory

Black Cumin Seed Oil has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. This is especially helpful for those experiencing irritation from psoriasis or eczema as Black Cumin Seed Oil reduces inflammation and boosts healthy immune function. It also is a strong astringent that can fight topical infections.

5. Dark Spots

    Together, Vitamin A, amino acids, and fatty acids found in Black Cumin Seed Oil all work together to regenerate skin cells. Over time, Black Cumin Seed Oil can fade age spots and even some scars.

    Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil Products

      5 of our face products feature the versatile and dynamic, Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil. All of these skincare products are vegan, gluten free and Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free. Take 25% off your entire order with code CUMIN20.

      B Quenched Facial Oil features 5 exotic, skin nourishing oils. Its essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants create a noticeable, healthy glow and it is EWG Verified™. Essential oils give it a sweet, relaxing scent. B Quenched is great for normal, mature, oily and acne prone skin. People with oily skin sometimes avoid products with oil but these oils help balance skin and are great for oily skin.

      Daytime and Nighttime Antioxidant Serums are lightweight and absorb quickly to help deeply moisturize skin. Daytime Antioxidant Serum helps moisturize and protect skin from environmental damage and it is EWG Verified™. Nighttime Antioxidant Serum has anti-inflammatory properties to calm skin and help improve its clarity, tone, and texture. Both serums work deep within skin to help prevent wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin damage.

      Intensive Eye Repair is a concentrated moisturizer that can be used on wrinkles and fine lines anywhere on the face. It reduces puffiness, firms skin and minimizes the effects of aging. Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil and caffeine nourish, calm and soothe the delicate skin around eyes.

      Citrine Complete Botanical Treatment is a serum and moisturizer in one dynamic product. Made from skin nourishing botanical and organic ingredients, it is a blend of anti-aging peptides, antioxidants and probiotics. This deeply moisturizing treatment leaves skin velvety soft.

      The Moisture Skincare Set has 3 products that feature Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil. Citrine Complete Botanical Treatment, B Quenched Facial Oil and Intensive Eye Repair. This set offers a special discounted price for these 3 skin nourishing products.

      You can experience the benefits of this ancient beauty secret. If you would like to learn more about ingredients and ways to care for your skin, visit the home page of our blog. Thanks for spending some time with us today.



      • Lois Jude

        I must say article having very deep market research. Excellent tips for the health wellness product like Nigella Seed Oil.

      • Josephine Cornelius

        I bought black seed body butter to darken spots on my feet
        My feet is loosing pigmentation
        It has white spots
        what is the solution.

      • jackson

        I have a severe problem with my acne on my face. My friends always laugh at me because of those acne on my.My mother told me about the black seed oil . I was curios about it. When I try using it can see on my that my acne are lessen on my face. I already use black seed oil almost 2 months from now and today I have no acne on my face. It also makes my skin fare and beautiful. I am really thankful to the black seed oil.

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